New year, new her? Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, is no stranger to blasting him on social media and in interviews. However, she took a different take when she defended her former husband earlier this week.

Torrei Hart Is #TeamKevin On This One

All is fair in love and war when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. While Torrei and Kevin, both Philadelphia natives, are usually seen going at it on social media, she defended his honor after he was blasted for trying to get on the Super Bowl stage after the Eagles’s victory and cursing on live television.

“Was it surprising? No,” said Torrei. “Was he at the Suepr Bowl celebrating a victory? Yes. I mean, it’s the Eagles. You know what I mean? That’s our city. We’re both from Philadelphia; so let the man live. He works too hard.”

Typically, Torrei and Kevin are coming for one another on social media, with a few sweet family moments sprinkled in here and there. Torrei also spoke on the addition to Kevin’s family. Kevin and his second wife, Eniko Parrish, welcomed a son, Kenzo, recently.

Inside The Hart Family Affair

Torrei opened up about the custody agreement that she and Kevin have for their two older children, Heavenly and Hendrix. She said she keeps the children a majority of the time and Kevin has them the rest of the time. Torrei maintained that when she has the children, Kenzo usually isn’t there. Instead, it’s just her, Heavenly, and Hendrix enjoying family time.

She reminded fans that she and Kevin go way back, almost 20 years.

“Even when we have ups and downs, everybody has ups and downs…”

Too Young For A Gun Lesson?

One of the things she and Hendrix did together that made headlines was going to the gun range. Torrei pointed out that she has a history serving the country and wanted to teach her and Kevin’s son about gun safety.

She confessed that Kevin wasn’t a fan of the young boy being exposed to guns so early in life. Still, Torrei eased his mind when she reminded him that she’s pretty experienced with guns as she’s a veteran.

Meanwhile, Kevin also seemed to stand by his decision to raid the Super Bowl stage after the Eagles brought in the big win. He admitted to fans that his wife, Parrish, warned him not to do it, but he wanted to anyway. It doesn’t seem like he has any regrets.

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