Thirty-seven-year-old Kim Kardashian is pretty much tickled pink with her new hair. It seems that blonde is out and pink is in!

It was just recently when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star announced that she was over with her blonde hair, and now, in her social media, it is evident that she is choosing a girly color for her mane. In a Twitter post, the wife or rapper Kanye West shared her new look, sporting a baby pink hair which was matched with a filter.

Kardashian's blonde hair first saw light six months ago. After which, she had not be contented with her locks, turning it into platinum in September. After which, the KKW Beauty owner trimmed her hair into a bob, before deciding to have a long hair again, thanks to the power of extensions.

Minor changes have been made since then, altering its color to blonde. All these changes were credited to Chris Appleton, her hair stylist. Now, it looked like that Kardashian's hair story is far from over. In her posts, she was asking if people were digging her new pink locks.

"Hey guys! Do you like my new pink hair?" Kardashian asked in a clip.

Meanwhile, a lot of people probably had a lot to say about her new hair, especially that Kardashian's pink hair came so sudden. But she blatantly said that she was not a fan of wigs in a Twitter post she shared hours after she announced her pink hair.

"I don't really do wigs. It's real," Kardashian explained.

It was unspecified when she changed her hair color but her last appearance had fans seeing her in Celebrity Family Feud as well as at a Los Angeles conference on Saturday still donning a blonde hair.

False Alarm

Naturally, Kardashian's hair belongs to the darker shade, but since she rose to fame, she had mostly kept away from dark colors. But in January, she gave fans hope that she would be opting for a darker hair.

Kardashian posted her old, dark hair in social media, hinting of a possible return to her old locks. However, with her recent pink hair, it seems that those tresses would just remain as that.

In 2013, Kardashian flaunted a blonde hair for a short period. One of the biggest fans of this look was her husband.

"I always ask his opinion on everything and he always helps me put together my looks," Kardashian said of West.