Expecting mom Khloe Kardashian is thinking of residing in Cleveland as well as in Los Angeles after her baby boy with Tristan Thompson is born.

According to a source, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star will deliver her baby in Cleveland, and after which, she and NBA player Thompson, who is playing for Cleveland Cavaliers, will live both in the Ohio city and in Los Angeles.

"Khloe and Tristan plan to have the baby born in Cleveland, but will continue to live a bicoastal life," the source revealed.

This means that Kardashian will not be stopped from being a jet-setter even after she has given birth and that she is still not ready to be away from her family.

Holidays In Los Angeles And Cleveland

It can be remembered that the 33-year-old had spent some time in Cleveland during the holidays, celebrating the festivities with Thompson's family.

"This Christmas, I'll be celebrating early with Tristan in Cleveland since the Cavs will be on the road," Kardashian shared on her app some time in December, and then adding that she would be going to Los Angeles to celebrate their annual Christmas Eve party.

Ecstatic Parents-to-be

Even with the still unofficial announcement for their residence, she and Thompson seemed to be more than ready to be parents to their upcoming bundle of joy.

Thompson was reportedly ready for the arrival of the baby.

"Tristan is going to be 100 percent hands-on," a source says. Thompson has a 1-year-old son, Prince, from a past relationship.

As for Thompson's muse, a source claimed that she had been ecstatic over the arrival of the baby and was doing everything she can to stay healthy during pregnancy, including working out and eating healthy. However, a recent teaser for their reality show looked alarming for Kardashian. In the clip, she can be seen in a couch announcing that she could not walk, shocking sisters Kim and Kourtney.

This had prompted the expecting mother to have a visit with the doctor, but the video ended when she was having an ultrasound. But fans of the E! reality show are well aware that what is currently airing might have been shot from a month/s ago, meaning this could have been shot last year. Optimistically, this scare could be over for now.

Recently, Kardashian took to Twitter to ask moms if her sight of a smaller baby bump in the morning was fine. A lot of commenters narrated their stories and agreed that they, too, had experienced the same thing.