In the wake of the recent sexual harassment and abuse allegations against Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Kimmel has asked the public to let the accused share his truth before jumping to conclusions.

Oscars Red Carpet

Kimmel weighed in on the allegations against the E! News host when asked about his appearance at the upcoming 2018 Oscars. Sunday's event will bring Seacrest on the red carpet to interview people. When asked whether he will still allow the host to interview him, Kimmel said yes and imparted a message about the importance of telling the truth.

"Of course I will. Listen, you know, we should at the very least afford people the opportunity for truth, what the facts of the story are before hanging them out to dry," Kimmel told Variety.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live host also declined to bring up the sexual allegations against Seacrest on the red carpet. Not only would it be improper, but Kimmel is also not the one doing the interview.

"He's [Seacrest] interviewing me," he replied.

Seacrest's Scandal

Seacrest is facing sexual abuse and harassment allegations from his former stylist Suzie Hardy. In an exclusive interview, the former E! News stylist accused Seacrest of years of unwanted sexual aggression, including groping of her vagina and rubbing his erect penis against her. The Live with Kelly & Ryan star has vehemently denied the accusations, accusing Hardy of extortion instead. However, the accuser is not backing down from the lawsuit she has filed against Seacrest and is challenging him instead to speak only the truth.

Oscars Night

Seacrest's scandal is probably the last thing on Kimmel's mind during Oscars night. He has far important things to focus on and worry about, specifically how to entertain the audience when he takes to the stage. Kimmel will be hosting the 2018 Academy Awards. Although it will not be his first stint hosting the Oscars, every year is always a different experience and with it, new plans come along.

Kimmel talked about his plans for Oscars night in a recent guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show. He expressed his intention to talk only about appropriate things and remain respectful. Most importantly, he wants the Oscars to be a memorable event filled with fun memories.

"There are a lot of very serious things happening. You do want to be appropriate and respectful but more importantly, I want to be funny. Nobody remembers appropriate or respectful," Kimmel told DeGeneres.