Father of two John Krasinski said he is inspired by parenthood in his decision to team up with his wife, Emily Blunt, into doing his latest horror movie, A Quiet Place.

In an interview with Playboy for the March-April issue, Jim Halpert's alter ego confessed that the movie's genre is completely opposite of his usual repertoire. However, his experiences pushed him to try something that he could relate to as a parent.

"We'd just had our second daughter and, you know, I'm a super sensitive, emotional person, so I think I was probably wide-open when I read the script," Krasinski said.

"The idea really triggered something inside me about protection and parenting, and I just thought maybe I could make it a metaphor for parenthood," he added.

The Silence Effect

A Quiet Place is not the traditional genre as it uses silence as its primary medium of horror. In the movie, Krasinski's character lives in an isolated house haunted by paranormal forces. No one in his family could make any sound, even talk to each other, or they will be hunted.

"There was something so beautiful about putting a family in a situation where, without giving too much away, this is the one family in the world that needs to talk and can't," Krasinski said as he described the plot.

The 38-year-old The Office star said he was inspired to do the film after seeing Jordan Peele's Get Out and another of the same genre Don't Breathe.

Krasinski said that his most recent thriller used silence to inflict the idea of terror, which delves away from the typical camera tricks used in other films.

A Quiet Place is another spine-chilling thriller produced by Paramount Pictures, which tells the story of a family of four who is hunted by paranormal forces by detecting sounds.

Married Life

This is the first time the Hollywood couple has teamed up in a movie since their wedding in July 2010. Krasinski told Playboy he is thankful to have been surrounded by friends and family, who do not let him wander from his duties while honoring his individual self.

The Something Borrowed star recalled how Blunt refused to talk about their acting careers in the early days of their dating relationship.

"We didn't have that conversation again for a really long time, and it saved our relationship," Krasinski gushed, adding that it is only his wife who could understand him above everyone else.

The couple has two daughters together named Hazel, 4, and Violet who is turning 2 in June.