Spread the love and stop the hate, this is technically what Khloe Kardashian said to her and Kim Kardashian's fans, who the sisters noticed had started fighting.

Khloe and Kim took to Twitter to finally help put a halt to the fight again ensuing between their massive fandoms. The sisters initially expressed confusion over what their supporters are arguing about, considering that they are sisters who ultimately love each other.

"@khloekardashian and I really want to know... what is the beef between our fans? How did it start & what do you fight about. We are confused," Kim tweeted in a post of a fan that questioned angry fans' actions.

Khloe, who seemed to be perplexed, said, "So f------ lame!"

Apparently, the siblings are talking about the rift between the fans and Khloe stressed that she and Kim are sisters, who are, needless to say, each other's supporters. The feud probably had gotten worrisome and out of hand that the two decided to butt in.

However, Khloe's setting of line was not the first. The 33-year-old last year became a referee again after vicious fans of the reality TV family started getting nasty in their exchanges.

In late November, Khloe argued that her being inactive online does not mean she does not get a wind of the word war between her and Kim's following. She encouraged fans to end the hate and went on to say that they were lucky to have deserved a thousandfold, even millions, of supporters.

Ironically, fans of the infamous sisters had been on each other's throats, even as Kim and Khloe are each other's biggest fans, as they constantly said. Even with their expression of support for each other, the family had casually caused drama, seen in their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The casual throwing of hurtful words in their reality TV show does not transcend in real life situations, however, and fans need to chill for a while and take note that like most of siblings, they do tend to get into small fights. However, blood is still thicker than water, and Khloe and Kim are still both Kardashians.


It is not clear how and when the issue, or if there is an issue to begin with, started but some fans shed some light on the matter. User @KhloeKFanxo explained problems started when fans of other Kardashian family members began hating on another sibling.

"[I]f they are a Kim page they will hate on Kylie. And people get really pissed about it," she said.

Another one stressed that people who try to call out fans for saying "really obscene and horrible things" against another Kardashian family member, get attacked aggressively.