Tommy Lee has blasted ex-wife Pamela Anderson and called out Piers Morgan after they talked about her alleged abusive relationship with the rocker in her Life Stories interview.

Tommy Lee Reacts

The 55-year-old musician was clearly not a fan of Morgan's interview with his ex-wife and he made his feelings known via Twitter on Tuesday. The Mötley Crüe rocker criticized Morgan and suggested that he should have interviewed those with worthy stories to tell, unlike Anderson, whom he said is just looking for attention because there is nothing new going on in her life.

Tommy Lee especially called Morgan's interview with his wife as "pathetic," given that the former Baywatch star had to rehash old stories about her past marriage.

"Think she'd find something new to discuss instead of rehashing old shit but I guess she has nothing else going on & needs attention ... Signed, 'The abuser' (who she texts everyday & asks for me back)," Tommy Lee tweeted.

Anderson has yet to respond to her ex-husband's comment, but Morgan has invited the rocker to his show to tell his side of the story. The Life Stories host greeted Tommy Lee with pleasantries and said that he is not responsible for what Anderson said about their marriage in his interview. He suggested that the singer discuss it with his ex-wife.

Tommy Lee responded and suggested that Morgan should not interview Anderson again. He also assumed that the host was desperate for people to interview.

"She literally has nothing going on so she brings up old drama for attention. I'm sure there's some people better worth your time," Tommy Lee replied.

The Twitter exchange ended with Morgan asking for a signed copy of the musician's new album, which he said is coming out summer. Tommy Lee even hinted that his new album is newsworthy.

Anderson's Interview

In an episode of Morgan's Life Stories, Anderson reflected on her wild past. She talked about her time as a Playboy magazine model and her visits to Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion. She revealed the wild things that happened in the mansion including the orgy that she witnessed.

Anderson also talked about the men she was previously romantically linked with, including Sylvester Stallone, and her past marriages. She recalled the abuse she suffered at the hands of Tommy Lee that ended their marriage in 1998. The musician reportedly hit Anderson while she was holding their son Dylan. Tommy Lee served six months in jail after he pleaded no contest to the alleged abuse.