The newly released clip from the action-comedy Gringo shows Paris Jackson killing it in her first ever film role.

Jackson, 19, hits the ground running as an actress with her big-screen debut in Gringo. The latest teaser for the movie is a scene where the model-turned-actress gets to show off her acting chops for the first time.

Jackson Plays Bad Girl In 'Gringo'

The King of Pop's only daughter plays the edgy and flirty Penny who, in the clip, is trying to convince Harry Treadaway's character, Miles, to pick up drugs in Mexico for her for $20,000.

"Look, it's just a couple of pills from Monty's friend at some lab, so he can figure out what's in it and make his own," she says sweetly, putting her arms around the music store employee. "All you gotta do is bring it back. It'll be easy."

The recent Calvin Klein model plays the sultry character easily, slipping into the bad girl character that's quite different from her real-life bohemian persona.

While Gringo is Jackson's first big-screen role, it's not her first professional acting experience. She has previously been casted in an episode of the television series Star alongside Queen Latifah.

Still, Gringo is a huge step in Jackson's career. The young actress gets to be part of a star-studded cast that includes veterans like Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, David Oyelowo, Thandie Newton, Amanda Seyfried, and more.

Gringo hits theaters on Friday, March 9.

Acting In Paris' Future

The star power attached to the film bodes well for Jackson's career. Not only does she is she onscreen with A-list actors and actresses, but she also gets to prove herself to the industry's best.

During the premiere for Gringo in Los Angeles, Oscar-winning actress Theron praises her newbie castmate for her work ethic, showing that Jackson isn't just coasting on her legendary father's acclaim.

"She comes from a great legacy, but I also don't think that you want to be defined by the weight of all of that stuff," Theron tells Entertainment Tonight. "And I just really admired that she came in and really auditioned for this and was prepared and ready, and she handled this as an individual really well, as an actor really well, and I was impressed by that."

Moviegoers will probably be seeing more of Jackson in the future. A source close to her has previously talked to E! News, saying she continues to be passionate about acting, modeling, and activism, and will likely be pursuing these things moving forward.