Is Nicki Minaj The Star Who Drove Demi Lovato To An AA Meeting?

Demi Lovato has been open about her struggle with drugs and alcohol in the past. Now, a recent interview has fans wondering if her reported feud with Nicki Minaj played a part in her battle.

Nicki Minaj Plus Demi Lovato Equals AA?

Lovato didn’t hold back when she explained that one woman she spotted at the Met Gala back in 2016 could have been a cause of her previous issues with alcohol.

Lovato detailed her “terrible experience” at the star-studded event two years ago. She pointed out one celebrity, who she didn’t name, and said they were a “complete b****” to her “and was miserable to be around.”

She said the event was more exclusive than inclusive.

“I remember being so uncomfortable that I wanted to drink,” said Lovato.

Instead, she contacted her manager and attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that same night. She said while she changed her clothes, she kept on her diamonds that were worth millions of dollars. Still, she said she found she had more in common with other attendees of the meetings compared to the rich and famous she had been rubbing shoulders with just hours before.

She had been sober for more than four years at the time of the meeting.

While it's clear Lovato is in a good place now, fans are convinced the woman she’s referring to was Nicki Minaj. They apparently still remember Nicki and Lovato’s feud that dates back to the Met Gala in the same year Lovato spoke about.

How Their Feud Really Started

Both Minaj and Lovato attended the event as guests of Jeremy Scott. Minaj sparked controversy when she shared a snapshot on Instagram and failed to tag Lovato. It didn’t take long for Lovato to catch wind of Nicki’s alleged shade. She went as far as commenting on the photo with thumbs up and peace sign emojis along with a crying laughing one.

She went on to share a picture of her own with herself, Scott, and Minaj. She added in the caption that she most likely wouldn’t be attending the event anymore. She also added the hashtag “#whatsgood.”

Fans might remember Minaj asked Miley Cyrus “what’s good” when the two were feuding the year before. She took the drama to Snapchat and subliminally called out Minaj for not tagging her in the photo. Lovato and Minaj have yet to confirm if Lovato was really talking about Minaj in her interview.

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