'Queen Sugar' Actor Kofi Siriboe Shows Love To Rumored Girlfriend, Nearly Breaks The Internet

Kofi Siriboe confirmed that he is actually dating Sudanese supermodel, Duckie Thot. Fans couldn’t help but be shocked that the heartthrob is officially off the market.

Siriboe took to Instagram on Internal Women’s Day Thursday, March 8, to shout out none other than a special message for his girlfriend. He gushed about Duckie Thot and compared her to flowers and a sunrise and said she’s so great no man could ever live up to the goodness she deserves.

Rumors of the two being a couple have been swirling for the last few months. He was spotted swooning over Duckie Thot back in September.

Siriboe shared another tweet a month later and hinted that the two would be “stuck together forever.”

It didn’t take long for fans to hop on to Twitter to share their reaction to Siriboe's confirmation of his relationship with Duckie Thot. One fan channeled her inner reality star Tiffany “New York” Pollard and said she was “overwhelmed” by news of the couple actually being together.

One fan hit the Caps Lock button before she described their coupledom as “too beautiful for words.”

Another joked that while she’s happy for Duckie Thot and Siriboe, she has to help her friends get over the fact that he’s no longer available.

One challenged Siriboe’s Instagram post and asked if he’s really seeing Duckie Thot or if he’s just infatuated with her.

Another pointed out that both Siriboe and Duckie Thot are so beautiful that they don’t know whom to be jealous of in the relationship.

One fan said she definitely wasn’t ready for this moment.

Another said while she was “jealous and excited,” she would be willing to split Siriboe’s affection with Duckie Thot.

Siriboe has been getting attention from the ladies ever since made his debut on OWN’s Queen Sugar series in 2016. He also starred as a love interest in the popular movie Girls Trip that hit theaters last summer.

He has never steered away from saluting African-American women in interviews.

“My love of Black women comes with a responsibility,” said Siriboe in an interview. “How am I actually going to transition that into work and rehabilitation for Black women? It’s not just a good topic. It’s not a cool headline. I actually have some real things I’m putting into place that represent that conversation that I think is necessary.”

For now, he’s starring in Ava Duvernay’s show on Oprah Winfrey’s network. He’s pointed out that it's a win-win.

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