Former NFL professional player Terry Crews receives a letter of support from his folks at Old Spice and Procter and Gamble in his fight against sexual misconduct.

Amid the controversy of sexual misconduct against Adam Venit, Crews has received a letter containing much-needed words of wisdom from his employers at Old Spice.

In November 2017, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor filed a lawsuit on Venit and accused him of physically groping him at a party in February 2016. However, the state prosecutor ruled out that there are no charges to file against the respondents on the grounds of statute of limitations.

The Los Angeles County district attorney explained that since the complainant has filed the case more than a year after the incident occurred, the statute of limitations has already expired. This ruling did not stop Crews from pursuing the case.

Lecture On Emotional Intelligence

The letter, which was hand-signed by Crews's colleagues at Old Spice and P&G, expressed support in fighting against people "who are taking advantage of their position to cause harm to others."

The company calls out to victims of sexual assaults, both men and women, to come out and help end tits pervasive culture. Crews also got another perspective on how to look at sexual misconduct.

"At its core, sexual misconduct is a lack of respect for another human being. We have nothing but respect for you, Terry, and we hope more people are empowered to come forward because of your courage. Also, sexual assault should just stop. I mean, come on. Enough," the letter read.

Crews then tweeted a photo of the letter expressing his gratitude for the support of his colleagues and friends. A whole different perspective on the context of sexual misconduct is what he needed especially that the DA's office ruled there was no sexual assault because due to the lack of skin contact and absence of struggle.

More Details

Contrary to Venit's claim that the alleged incident was not sexual in nature, Crews claimed that his altercation with the respondent almost turned into a brawl.

Speaking on the Wednesday episode of Dr. Phil, Crews claimed that Venit was "sticking his tongue out to [him], making very overtly sexual moves to [him]." When the respondent approached Crews to reach him for a handshake, Venit allegedly grabbed his genitals.

"He grabs me, I smacked his hand back. I wanted to put all his teeth on the ground," Crews said.

His wife, Rebecca King Crews, added that was when the brawling started as her husband pushed Venit into the crowd. The two men rolled over like "bowling pins," but Venit managed to come right back at Crews. Crews then called out Adam Sandler, who was the host of the party, to contain Venit asking him what was wrong with the latter.

Crews, 49, said he reported the incident to William Morris Endeavor, where Venit works as an agent, but no action was made. Crews proceeded to file a case against WME.