Tomb Raider fans are furious with a YouTube body shamer who slammed Alicia Vikander for her athletic frame that doesn't match Lara Croft's voluptuous body.

YouTuber Slams Alicia Vikander

TJ Kirk, also known as The Amazing Athiest on YouTube, took to Twitter to voice his doubts over Vikander's version of video game character Lara Croft.

According to the YouTuber, the Oscar winning actress isn't the best choice to play the lead of Tomb Raider as she doesn't have the right body for the role. More specifically, he says she doesn't have the right size of breasts.

Going on social media to complain about an actress' breasts proved to be a poor decision for Kirk as the Twitterverse quickly came to Vikander's defense.

"Would you like to offer your man boobs for the sequel? Or would those not be to your liking either?"  actress Liana Liberato wrote as a reply to the tweet.

"Kinda thought the defining factor of Lara Croft was the whole tomb raiding thing, but nah I guess it's having big ol boobers," another responded.

Several fans pointed out that the new Tomb Raider video games feature a less busty Lara Croft than the originals, anyway.

"It's based on the new games, she's not that heavy chested in them..." one fan pointed out. "And who cares damn it."

Perhaps fueled by the attention, Kirk is unapologetic about sharing his thoughts on Vikander's body, even posting a few more tweets doubling down and joking about it.

Other Critics Weigh In

Perhaps the most sobering takeaway about Kirk's viral tweet is not that one man thinks that Vikander's so-called lack of breasts means she was poorly cast, but that so many agree. Not only has Kirk's tweet garnered thousands of likes, but even professional critics have expressed the same thought.

Jerome Maida, a contributor for PhillyVoice, also took a jab at Vikander's body. The film critic called out the actress' lack of sex appeal and lack of curves, adding that she could have played a man and it wouldn't have made a difference.

"Vikander's appearance is also markedly different than [Angelina] Jolie's," Maida wrote in his lackluster review of Tomb Raider, as documented in a screenshot by one Twitter user. "She never comes across as having an ounce of sex appeal and, at times, looks like she could be 16. Toss in the lack of curves and Warner Brothers could have decided to gender bend and make a film titled 'Luke Croft' - and it would have come across the same way."

The section of the article has since been removed by PhillyVoice.