Bill Hader comes back to Saturday Night Live as Stefon on St. Patrick's Day with a bang! No one's arguing with it as fans become restless of his hilarious return.

Fan-favorite correspondent Stefon came back to SNL and of course, who wouldn't miss the ever-entertaining and in-the-know expert for late night places. Hader obviously brought his A-game, as many lauded his character's arrival.

During his lauded stint, Hader's Stefon gave his fans some inkling into the best places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. His signature hands over his mouth as well as his sticking his tongue out were nowhere near absent during the stint.

"If you're Irish, or just white and violent, I have the St. Paddy's place for you. New York's hottest Irish club is 'Off to Church, Mother!'" in-character Hader said, garnering laughter from the segment's hosts and the audience.

Of course, the night was filled with rich humorous antics from Stefon himself. But not long before his attorney, read: John Mulaney who also used to write for SNL and was one of the duo to thank for Hader's character, appeared to solidify the comedic act.


For those awaiting any update on Stefon's relationship with Seth Meyers, who was a former anchor, he gave the audience a bit of information about them. It can be remembered that Hader's character had a thing with the latter that even extended into a "marriage."

"Seth and I are versatile. Some nights I do it, and he's under the desk," Stefon said when he was reminded that Meyers does the "closer look at political correctness."

Happy With Stefon's Comeback

Meanwhile, fans' reactions aired through social media say that they have missed Hader's Stefon big time. One user even explained his comeback was a reason to fight sleep off.

One said Hader's Stefon "had him cry-laughing," while another said she shrieked when SNL introduced the iconic character once again.

Furthermore, fans could not contain Hader's losing himself while playing Stefon. He was probably reading the gags for the first time that he himself couldn't seem to contain his laughter.

One Twitter user noted that this might be the reason "why he's never gotten through one read ever without breaking. Tonight was no different and it was effing hilarious." Clearly it wasn't just the audience that had been entertained on that night, Hader also had a fair share of laughter, which he obviously tried to hide in between reading lines.

Mulaney probably had a hand in this. This is because it was previously revealed that he would change or alter the antics the last minute to throw Hader off-character.