Most Hollywood stars have their team of assistant, makeup artists, and stylists to help them look perfect at events, that is, apart from Blake Lively. The actress does everything by herself because she has control problems.

Her Own Stylist

Lively got candid about her preference to pick her own clothes and dress herself in an interview with WWD on Thursday evening at Barney's New York. Lively, who is married to Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, acknowledges that it is a lot of work to be your own stylist. She admits though that she finds it easy to do because it is just going through any daily routine of waking up and dressing yourself up.

"So once you have the clothes, you just pick out what to wear like any other human being does. But it's easier because you have access to clothes and so it's not that hard," Lively explained.

However, the hard part is picking out the clothes and calling them in. This is where her assistant comes along. The assistant helps her call in the clothes she has chosen to wear.

"The hard part is going through all the fashion shows and screenshotting all the looks you like and calling them in. I have an assistant who helps in calling in the looks," the mother-of-two adds.

The honest answer though is that the Gossip Girl alum has "control issues and a big ego." Lively admits that she would rather be her own stylist than hire a professional, because it helps express her creativity when it comes to her love of fashion and design.


Likewise, the 30-year old reveals that she has relationships with the designers. She prefers to work closely with them for a wardrobe of her own liking. Case in point, she reveals that she has already gone over her MET Gala look with Christian Louboutin and Lorraine Schwartz. Lively says that they are customizing a special dress for her.

"So it's kind of nice, because I have a bunch of artists around me who I have direct relationships with. It's sort of a group effort with that. I rely on people who do that for a living rather than outsourcing it to someone else," Lively tells the publication.

Lively excels at being her personal stylist. She loves to take fashion risks and is a pro when it comes to matching everything from head-to-toe. She knows how to mix-and-match clothes with accessories and follows themes. She wears clothes according to the occasion. Lively has so far flaunted flawless fashion wears during press tours and grand events.