Most people want privacy while getting a colonoscopy but not Jimmy Kimmel, who drafted pal Katie Couric to accompany him for the procedure.

Jimmy Kimmel Is Taking It Seriously

The legendary late-night host hit the big 5-0 at the end of last year, and he's not taking any chances with his health as a result. Kimmel followed doctor's orders by heading into hospital for the procedure, but Couric was right there next to him to hold his hand.

Tuesday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! found the host preparing for a colonoscopy. He now reached the age, where American Cancer Society recommends men and women to start getting regularly tested for colorectal cancer. Couric, a dutiful friend as always, sat gamely by his side.

In a preview clip shared on YouTube, Kimmel is visibly terrified and freaking out about the procedure, joking with Couric that he should never have swiped left.

Dr. Christina Ha, of celebrity hotspot Cedars Sina Hospital in L.A., especially for popular Kardashians clan among others, explains the procedure. She tells Kimmel that she will be taking a look at his colon and removing any polyps that are found.

Kimmel, always ready with a quip, has the ideal response for her in such a high-pressure situation.

"And then I can have it? Whatever is in there, I need. I want all the pieces," he joked.

Couric suggests Kimmel wants to display it on his desk. Unfortunately, all Dr. Ha can promise the duo, for the time being, is lots of photos.

Couric then inquires as to why more people don't get tested, leading quick-witted Kimmel to quip that it's because of where in the body the test takes place.

"I'm telling ya, I've met some real perverts in my life, but you take the cake, Katie Couric. This is a very unusual sexual thing," he tells her.

Speaking From Experience

Couric denies that her fascination with colonoscopy has anything to do with sexual preference. Considering her husband Jay Monahan died of colon cancer 20 years ago, it stands to reason she has a more personal connection to them.

March is also Colon Cancer Awareness Month, making it an ideal time for Kimmel to be bringing awareness to the procedure.

Couric, meanwhile, is the co-founder of Stand Up 2 Cancer, the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance, and the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health.

She celebrated the life of her late husband at the start of this year with a sweet post on Instagram.

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