Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have reportedly reunited on the heels of the actress' recent split from second husband Justin Theroux.

According to a new report, Aniston sought out Vaughn in an effort to find solace after her "painful divorce." However, as fans well know, the comedian is currently married to Kyla Weber and shares two kids with his wife.

“Jen and Vince parted on extremely amicable terms and even though they didn’t work as a couple, they’ve always been very fond of each other,” an insider revealed to Radar Online on March 27.

Jennifer Aniston And Vince Vaughn's Romance

Aniston and Vaughn dated briefly in 2006 after her split from Brad Pitt and before her romance with Theroux. When their relationship began, Aniston and Vaughn were working together on a film called The Break-Up.

Although Aniston and Vaughn are exes, they have remained friends over the years and recently, they've begun communicating with one another on the phone. That said, the Radar Online report insisted that there is nothing romantic between the former couple. Instead, Vaughn is simply offering his support to Aniston as she continues to deal with the fallout of her second failed marriage.

Jennifer Aniston And Vince Vaughn's Relationship Mutually Beneficial

The insider went on to say that while Vaughn is very happy in his marriage to Weber, he still cares about his ex-girlfriend and doesn't like to see her upset. So, rather than ignore her as she divorces Theroux, he's been there to "comfort" her in her time of need.

In addition to Vaughn comforting Aniston, she's allegedly helping him as well -- in a professional sense. As the insider explained, she's doing her best to help get his new movie off the ground.

Divorce Announcement

After tying the knot at their Bel Air home in August 2015, Aniston and Theroux announced the end of their marriage in Feb. 2018. The split marks Aniston's second divorce over the past couple of decades. As fans will recall, the Friends actress was married for five years to Brad Pitt before he was infamously caught getting cozy with his now-ex-wife Angelina Jolie on the set of their 2005 film Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Since Aniston announced her plans for divorce, she's been laying low and spending time with her close friends, including former co-star Courteney Cox.