Bruno Mars is equally adorable as the koala he is with in an Instagram clip, showing him making some koala puns.

Mars is upping his game when it comes to picking up chicks by incorporating koala puns in his lines. The "That's What I Like" singer shared to his 18.7 million followers the clip, and in the caption, he gave his gratitude and love for his fans in Australia.

As much as Mars tried playing it smoothly, the 32-year-old talented performer, whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, in between puns tried to conceal his laughter by leaning toward the cute marsupial beside him.

"Sup girl, maybe I can get your phone number so I can koala you up sometime," the Grammy award-winning singer said, before keeping himself composed again for another round of puns.

"Take you on vacation, sip on some piña koalas. 'Cus I don't believe in quantity, I believe in koala-ty," he continued in the clip that as of writing had earned more than 980,000 likes.

Fan Appreciation

The "24K Magic" singer also took time to appreciate his fans in Sydney when he shared a photo of a girl who was holding a sign, saying she wanted to marry him. Mars found this too cute, especially since the card read, "will you Watie for me!"

Mars was in Australia as part of his 24K Magic World Tour, which kicked off on March 28 and will end on Oct. 27. He will be back in the United States to perform in Lollapalooza.

Even as he was having a hard time containing his smiles, girls would swoon over the lovable singer, add to that the charm brought by the fluffy koala beside him. What's more is that George Michael's "Careless Whisper," oftentimes used to denote sexy time, was playing in the background.


But of course, as much as he was using some cute talk, everybody knows that his heart belongs to one lucky girl: Jessica Caban. The crooner and his muse have been together from 2011, and in 2012, they adopted a Rottweiler, which they named Geronimo.

"That was my dream, man. I was, 'Man, I want a dog. I need a dog.' A big one," Mars revealed in an interview in 2013.

Mars's model girlfriend is also showy when it comes to taking pride of her partner's accomplishments. Early this month, Caban shared a photo of the singer holding six golden gramophones.