Jimmy Kimmel Asks If Kids Can Spell Like Trump, Holds Spelling Bee


Jimmy Kimmel invites three spellers to participate in a spelling bee, but wait, it's no ordinary contest the kids are used to.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live host recently held a spelling bee inspired by United States President Donald Trump. However, the competition has a twist: the kids who were invited must get words spelled the way the leader did.

"This spelling bee is presidential, which means you'll be asked to spell the words I give you not the way the liberal leftist dictionary spells them, but rather the way our president does, President Donald Jesus Trump," Kimmel explained.

In short, the children will have to guess on how to spell certain words, which were misspelled by Trump. Dubbed as "Make America Grate Again Spelling Bee," the contest clearly was hard for the participants, as they struggled to predict how the blonde man spelled the words, with Kimmel trying to give words of encouragement.

The words given were "honered," "tapp," "rediculous," "unpresidented," "waite," and "politicions." All of these were the misspelled words in Trump's tweets, and people are quick to notice these every now and then as the president has been known to casually throw some tirades in social media.


For each word the kid gets right, he/she will be given $100, which was handed by Guillermo Rodriguez who was dressed as the (spelling) bee. However, it was not an easy task for the top spellers, as only one got the correct spelling in two rounds.

The winner also got a huge trophy, with the inscription saying, "2018 Presidential Spelling Bee CHAMPEON." The other two who didn't guess one word right also got prizes, a black Ivanka Trump faux leather jacket and a set of Trump wine glass.

Surge In Dictionary Search

Of course, there had been numerous times when the misspelled words prompted a quick visit to online dictionaries. Washington Post revealed that people actually contemplated on the words misspelled and searched for the actual spelling in Dictionary.com or Merriam-Webster.

With this, the sites noticed a lot of increase in traffic whenever Trump gets to misspell a word in his tweets. People also visit the sites whenever there is a word that baffles them, including the one word that set the internet on fire: covfefe.


One day in May last year, Trump did what he does best: Tweet everything out. However, this wasn't the ordinary message he sends out.

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe," the tweet read, which led many people to rush to their dictionary to grapple for the meaning of the word.

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