Tracy Morgan Jokingly Claims 'Black Panther' Ripped Off His Superhero Black Bobcat

Black Panther is not an original, claims Tracy Morgan, who said the studio stole his idea for his Black Bobcat.

During his guest stint at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the comedian was quick to point out that he saw Black Panther, but the acclaimed film is just a rip-off of his original story, Black Bobcat. Morgan went on to accuse the studio of theft for this and then pulled a huge standee behind the couch to showcase what could have been.

Black Bobcat Abilities

He showed what seemed like a Batman standee with his face and the word "BOBCAT" written on the chest. As for his superpowers, Morgan explained that the superhero can pounce, sleep for 20 hours, and drink lots of milk, much like what any cat does. However, this is not the only thing he could do. He has a special power that can only be used when watching adult content.

"He can hear things on porno that you can't hear. There's certain porno noises you can't hear," Morgan stressed.

With all his superpowers, it seemed that Morgan's Black Bobcat won't put these in fighting crimes, as the 49-year-old former Saturday Night Live cast member admitted he only fights bad guys in the suburbs.

"What you want him to do, fight crime and get hurt? He only fights crime in the suburbs. He won't fight in Brooklyn," Morgan said.

Yup, basically, he fights crime in a safe way by not getting himself involved in fighting. Safety first!

'The Last O.G.'

Moreover, Morgan isn't just in the show to call out the thieves who stole his idea. He was also there to promote his new show, The Last O.G., wherein he plays the lead role, Tray Barker, who was just released from jail after he served 15 years for selling crack.

Upon his return to their community, he finds his changed neighbor and also his ex-girlfriend, played by Tiffany Haddish, who was now with a white man. Much like his character in The Last O.G., many noted that this is Morgan's comeback to the limelight after a long hiatus.

In 2014, he got into an accident which resulted to the death of his friend James McNair, and while Morgan survived the tragedy, he went into coma after suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Doctors were not sure whether he would be the same during the time.

Clearly, he is better now and is even starring on his own show, but even with the comeback resemblance, Morgan pointed out that it was actually based on several important things in his life, including his deceased friend he used to sell crack with before entering show business. That said, the show holds a special place for him.

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