Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson is revamping his wardrobe and what better way to do this than to get advices from Queer Eye's Tan France.

Davidson has become quite an eye-catcher in SNL, and this was said not in a good way. Good thing France has lent a hand, after all, he is just the fashion guru in Netflix's Queer Eye, where gay men get to give fashion tips to straight men.


SNL gave France a chance to give Davidson a makeover, and surely he did not disappoint. But first thing's first, the details.

Davidson and France arrived at Saks Fifth Avenue where they get to pick clothes that will suit the comedian. For anyone who has watched the 24-year-old in SNL, he has a fondness of wearing baggy jogging pants and colorful shirts with loud prints.

Apparently, Davidson takes cue for his choice of clothes like an 18-year-old. He even admitted he has no mirror at his house because he doesn't like seeing his face.

France, the good ol' fashionable guy that he is, quickly pointed out Davidson's problems. The main takeaway with their banter is that, the SNL cast has got to let go of wild colors and the loose pants.

On Boxers

In a quick turnaround of events, Davidson stated he doesn't wear boxers as his balls falls to one hole. Amusingly, France is easy to quip a funny comeback.

"I love that we're talking about this," France said while laughing.

However, France proved he is an expert on this side of the town when Davidson pulled his shirt up and the stylist saw the actor's undergarment. From afar a small hole is unnoticeable but for the Queer Eye star, nothing gets unnoticed.

"Pull that up again. Is that a hole?" France asked, and voila! He was right.


About one look, it was something that he could wear anytime with his girlfriend, Cazzie David. During the course of their makeover and in between choosing the right pieces, Davidson and France talked about how wonderfully dressed her family are, while he dons a Super Mario Bros. t-shirt.

With the denim jacket and white undershirt, Davidson quipped he looked like Timothee Chalamet. The last look had Davidson wearing a denim shirt and a green coat, a far cry from how he looked when he entered the store.

"I think I look like I could take a meeting somewhere. Like I maybe run a business," Davidson said.

Well, he has to thank France who imparted wisdom on his area of expertise. Davidson's look spells maturity and just what he needed.