Ronnie Magro speaks up on his past relationship with Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola on last night's premiere episode of Jersey Shore: Family Reunion.

After the entire cast reunited on-camera for the new season of their rebooted show, the conversation among them quickly turned to Giancola's absence. Right away, Magro opened up about their years-long romance.

“Once we left the shore house, me and Sam decided we were going to take the next step — we moved in with each other,” he explained, via People.

Sammi Wanted To Get Married

While Giancola and Magro had been on-and-off for nearly the entirety of Jersey Shore's six-season run years ago, Giancola was ready to move forward once the series came to an end. Unfortunately, after dealing out a timeline of six months to her then-partner, who was still trying to figure out his life, Magro got cold feet.

Although Magro wanted to do the right thing, he ended up cheating on Giancola and ultimately, they parted ways. According to Magro, his former girlfriend is a great woman and will likely make a great mother and a great wife at some point. That said, she "just was not" the person for him.

Following their split, Giancola moved on with boyfriend Christian Biscardi and Magro moved on with Jen Harley and recently welcomed his first child, a baby girl.

Ronnie Bashed Sammi During The Premiere

On Thursday night, Giancola was a hot topic for her co-stars, despite the fact that she opted out of the reboot.

“She’s not our friend. She doesn’t have our backs,” Magro said. “Because if she did, she’d be here with us."

According to Giancola, she could have easily partaken in filming, especially considering he chose to do so, despite having a child on the way with his girlfriend. Magro then said that it sucked that Giancola wasn't involved because he and the cast wanted to end their time together as that is how they started.

Ronnie Didn't Have To Live With An Ex

Magro went on to say that while he would have liked to see the full cast on board with their reboot, Giancola's absence was actually a good thing for him. After all, living with an ex-girlfriend wouldn't have been the most comfortable situation for him and likely would have added an awkward dynamic with the rest of the cast.