Actress Amanda Bynes is unhappy with several social media channels. The All That alum wants Instagram and Twitter to fix a significant problem.

Will The Real Amanda Stand Up?

TMZ reported that the She's The Man actress is not pleased with either social media platform. Through her attorney, Tamar Arminak, Bynes sent numerous legal notices to both Twitter and Instagram with requests for both platforms to remove two accounts that have been impersonating her.

Bynes has asked Twitter to remove "@persianLA27." The user that Bynes has accused of masquerading her has over 24,700 followers and claims that she is a fashion designer. Also, the con user has made the account private. The former star of The Amanda Show has also requested that Instagram deactivate the account known as "@alb4386" from its social media network. Just like its Twitter counterpart, the Instagram account has been set on private.

Bynes claims that both accounts have spilled out lies to her fans. They have posted that Bynes has been betrayed by her friends and that she only had $63 to her name. The fake accounts have also tried to convince the What A Girl Wants actress' fans to send her money through the mobile payment service known as Venmo.

Arminak believes that only one person is operating both accounts. Also, she has learned from both social media networks that neither account violates their rules. She stated that Bynes is doing exceptionally well at fashion school and with her finances.

Amanda Lashes Out

Perez Hilton also mentioned that this is the second time that Bynes had to deal with these fake accounts. He showed a series of tweets by the budding fashion designer sent out from her verified Twitter account over the past two years. The actress confirmed that it was her behind the real account, @amandabynes. Bynes also pointed out numerous times that she is not "@persianLA27" and pleaded with Twitter to take down the false account.

A Potential Comeback

Before the end of 2017, Bynes received an offer from Nickelodeon to revive her hit sitcom, The Amanda Show. Bynes has also stated that she is considering returning to acting. However, it has been reported that if the Hairspray actress attempts a comeback, Bynes will do it without her parents, Rick and Lynn. She also had to shut down rumors spread by @persianla27 that she was pregnant and was getting married on Feb. 14, 2017.