National Enquirer Reportedly Paid $30,000 For Trump Love Child Rumor, Then Shuts It Down

Several media outlets are buzzing that the infamous tabloid The National Enquirer received a valuable rumor during the 2016 Presidential Election then paid $30,000 to not let it out.

A $30,000 Story

The Associated Press reported that the media outlet paid Dino Sajudin, a former New York City doorman who worked at one of President Trump's real estate holdings. The National Enquirer's publisher, American Media, Inc., paid Sajudin for his silence and threatened to sue him $1 million if he came forward with his controversial story or if he told him.

The news outlet revealed that the story involved his personal life. Sajudin claimed that he heard rumors that the former star of The Celebrity Apprentice fathered a child out of wedlock with one of his employees who worked at the Trump World Tower. The woman who served as the subject of Sajudin's story denied it to reporters at the New York Post.

Enter Michael Cohen

Both the Associated Press and President Trump's longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, knew that the National Enquirer was in possession of Sajudin's story. Cohen served as the President's spokesman during the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and he also denied hearing about the story on the campaign trail. However, he did not know that the Enquirer gave Sajudin $30,000 for his silence.

'Radar' Has The Evidence

The National Enquirer's sister publication, Radar Online, reported that Sajudin approached the tabloid about the story near the end of 2015. The ex-doorman stated to the online magazine that he heard the rumors regarding the possible love child from fellow Trump Organization employees. Reports say he had to take a lie detector test to see if his information was correct. However, Sajudin refused to unless he received an advance payment. After a promise of $500, Sajudin took the polygraph test, and the administrator revealed that all his responses were truthful.

All My Trumps

As the alleged love child rumors continue to make rounds in the media world, the Trump family continues to draw headlines. Donald Trump, Jr. recently made headlines for getting a concealed weapons permit in the days following the March Of Our Lives movement.

Meanwhile, an insider close to First Lady Melania Trump revealed that the First Lady is unhappy that the Trump family has been scrutinized at the same level of the Kardashian family. The harsh spotlight shined on Tiffany Trump after it was revealed that she split from her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, after two years of dating.

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