Savannah Guthrie possibly threw shade at Matt Lauer while Hoda Kotb says she still communicates with him. Lauer was fired from Today after sexual misconduct allegations.

Savannah On NBC Post-Lauer

NBC’s Guthrie and Kotb sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for a candid interview that included a conversation about Lauer.

Guthrie first reassured viewers and readers that “there are no creeps” left on the Today show. She defended the male hosts who are still there: Carson Daly, Craig Melvin, and Al Roker.

“We’re all married, we’re all pretty boring and there’s a presumption of good faith,” said Guthrie.

Kotb chimed in and gave a rundown of what the working dynamics are like for the remaining male television hosts. She said Roker is like the uncle of the group, Daly is known as the BFF, and Melvin is a friend whom she still feels comfortable hugging despite accusations against Lauer.

“We don’t feel like there’s a new set of rules that we cannot be ourselves,” added Kotb.

Hoda Holds Matt Down

Kotb revealed that she still communicates with Lauer on a regular basis. She defended her closeness with Lauer and explained why she’s friends with him.

“I mean look, this is one of those complex situations,” said Kotb. “I’ve known him since I started working at NBC [in 1998]. When I was sick with breast cancer, he was the first to call. He helps and helped in ways that… you know, he was incredible in that way.”

She said that version of Lauer is completely different than the one his accusers describe. Still, she said she doesn’t take their claims lightly.

Kotb replaced Lauer on Today as Guthrie’s new co-host in January. It was just weeks after Lauer was fired from the show in November 2017. Since then, ratings for the morning show have reportedly increased.

Gayle King Still Friends With Charlie Rose

Kotb isn’t the only television host that is still friends with a co-host accused of sexual misconduct. Gayle King revealed she is still close with news veteran Charlie Rose after he was fired from CBS This Morning in November as well. Eight women came forward and accused Rose of sexual misconduct on the set of his PBS interview show.

King said she often tells Rose, 76, that she is really concerned for him. She credits him as being a key portion of her career. She said she can’t simply “turn that off” amid the allegations. Still, she added she can’t ignore the accusations either.

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