A baby bump is something that can't be hidden. Well, not for Cardi B and her stylist, who greatly helped hide that tummy.

Kollin Carter, a genius stylist, was faced with a rather difficult task in January after Cardi B confided that she was pregnant. At the time, he needed to create looks for the rapper that could conceal her growing tummy until such time when the 25-year-old was ready to make her pregnancy public.

Apart from that, Carter was faced with Cardi B's popularity and left and right appearances, which surely made it harder to keep the belly. The wise stylist opted to create silhouettes for the "Back It Up" singer that will create a slimmer illusion.

New York Fashion Week Appearances

That said, he styled Cardi B during the Grammy's and New York Fashion week. But the praise should be given for Carter during the latter, when the public had no inkling that under a trench coat at the Alexander Wang event, a huge bow at her midsection at Marc Jacobs, and a corset at the Prabal Gurung, a bundle of joy is developing.

Behind the success of Cardi B's announcement, Carter was also lauded because he was able to largely contribute to that secret. However, the stylist admitted it wasn't a walk in the park concealing her baby bump, but that he was not the rightful person to unwittingly make the announcement.

"It was a lot of pressure, but I went into it with confidence knowing that it was something that I could do. I knew I wasn't going to be the one to let the cat out of the bag," Carter explained.

iHeart Radio Music Awards

The hardest for him was the iHeart Radio Music Awards, where Cardi B had a performance then needed to change into another outfit and which was shown on national television. That meant he had to be careful, as any angle that could shed light on that tummy will eventually explode their secret.

What Carter did was to get the attention of the public to her lower part as he opted for tutu during her performance. After which, Cardi B changed into a deep red cleavage-bearing tulle dress. At a glance, the fluffy dress can be two things, to hide something or to just make a statement.

That night, however, the speculations grew even more. But Carter argued that it's not totally the moment when people could actually confirm her pregnancy.

Cardi B's pregnancy rumor had long been up in the air though many had become unsure after her appearances that seemed to debunk their theories and conspiracies. Now that nothing is under the wraps, the singer is happy to be an expectant mother of her first child with fiancé, Offset.