Tamar Braxton can’t seem to catch a break lately. The reality star and singer just got booted from her sister Toni Braxton’s upcoming tour.

Tamar Also Gets Fired

The reported drama started after Toni fired her and Tamar’s sister, Traci, from the tour first. Interestingly enough, it was said to be because Tamar didn’t want Traci there. Apparently, thanks to her star power, Tamar has a say in what goes on with Toni’s highly-anticipated tour.

“Toni needs Tamar to do the tour as far as ‘filling seats’ and the fact that Tamar is the most ‘relevant’/popular at this point, it’s strategic," said an insider." Tamar is billed almost as a co-headliner for the tour. Traci was only scheduled to do a 20-minute set – which is very short.”

Still, Tamar’s influence didn’t go too far when it came to Toni keeping Tamar on the tour. Tamar has now been fired from the tour after promoters allegedly refused to work with her.

It’s not clear why promoters had issues with Tamar. Her estranged husband Vincent Herbert denied that Tamar is the reason Traci was fired.

Toni’s tour kicks off on May 22. She has not spoken out about either of her sisters being taken off the tour.

Tamar's Sister Is Suing Her Estranged Husband, Vincent

Meanwhile, there’s more than enough drama going around for the sisters. Towanda announced that she’s taking legal action against Herbert, amid his divorce drama with Tamar, on Thursday’s episode of WeTV’s Braxton Family Values. She said she and Traci were never paid for helping co-write the reality show’s theme song. Towanda revealed that her lawyer looked into it and discovered that Herbert’s company was listed as the owner of the song, and that he was being paid royalties for it.

Towanda also pointed out that Tamar is the only one named as singer for the popular theme song. A cut to Towanda’s scene with her lawyer showed the latter saying he was told Tamar also wrote the song. Towanda revealed Tamar was not a writer on the song. Towanda said she wasn’t sure if Tamar was aware of the seemingly shady paperwork for the song and expressed her concern that Herbert wouldn’t take the lawsuit seriously.

While Toni isn't buying reports that Tamar and Herbert are getting divorced, she didn’t seem surprised about the drama with Herbert. Still, she made it clear she wanted to steer clear of being involved with it in any way.

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