Toni Braxton made her media rounds for her Faith Under Fire film set to premiere on Lifetime this weekend. While doing so, she opened up about the unfortunate drama between her sister, Tamar Braxton, and husband Vincent Herbert. She also dished on her own love and finally admitted if she and Birdman are husband and wife.

Tamar And Vince Divorce On Pause?

She got real during her interview with Angie Martinez earlier this week and first dished on Tamar and Herbert.

“I think Tamar and Vince are just going through a ‘I hate you, Jody’ phase,” said Toni. “Remember the movie [Baby Boy]? ‘I hate you, Jody!’ You know that’s just their phase. And I think those two are going to get back together.”

Tamar filed for divorce from Herbert back in October. She then accused him of having multiple girlfriends during their rocky marriage. Things hit the fan when she outed him on social media over the holidays. She said Herbert had gotten another woman pregnant. She accused the woman of calling her to tell her the news. She also blasted Herbert and said he was in jail on Christmas after the two had a domestic dispute.

Toni insisted she didn’t know the details of their marriage but said she’s convinced they won’t call it quits for good. She also shut down speculation that the two were doing it all for publicity to boost ratings for their WeTV reality show, Tamar and Vince. Fans might remember Tamar moved out in the most recent season finale.

Is Toni Actually Mrs. Birdman?

As for her own romance, Toni said she and Birdman are not married. Rumors about the marriage started when Tamar was on The Wendy Williams Show last year. She said she was convinced Birdman and Toni secretly eloped. The speculation seemed to be confirmed when Toni was spotted wearing a rock on her ring finger for the premiere of the Faith Under Fire film.

Toni set the record straight during an appearance on Good Morning America.

“Well, I am not married unlike my big mouth sister Tamar has been saying everywhere! I’m definitely not married yet but we’re working together.”

Birdman has even made appearances on their family show, Braxton Family Values, revealing that Toni’s sisters are fans of their possible relationship. They also went to the BET Awards together, which sparked even more speculation that they were getting serious.

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