Ronnie Ortiz-Magro welcomed a daughter with girlfriend, Jen Harley, two weeks ago and now the Jersey Shore star has revealed the baby's name is Ariana Sky.

Ariana Sky

The TV personality talked about how he and Harley came up with the name in a recent interview. Magro said that they already agreed on the name even before the pregnancy. At the time, they only joked about the possibility of becoming parents and picked out names. They both liked Ariana for a baby girl's name. However, the joke turned into reality when Harley became pregnant.

"When she found out she was pregnant, we looked at each other and we're like, 'Guess we're naming the baby Ariana if it's a girl.' Next thing you know, we find out the gender and we're like, 'Guess so!'" Magro tells US Weekly.

As for Sky, the Jersey Shore star said that his girlfriend actually liked it for the baby's first name. However, they met in the middle and agreed to have it as their daughter's middle name instead.

First-Time Dad

In the same interview, Magro also talked about life as a new father. He talked about how he and Harley compromised on things when it comes to watching and taking care of their daughter. The 32-year-old actor revealed that they take turns based on their sleep patterns.

Magro takes the early shift in the morning since he calls himself an "early bird." He usually sleeps early at around 11 p.m. and wakes up at 3 a.m. This allows Harley to sleep until 9 in the morning and Magro watches the baby through then. Afterward, he goes about his day, whether it is going to the gym, having a tan or doing the laundry. When he gets back, Harley, who is already a mother to 11-year-old son, Mason, goes about her own errands.

Magro says they take turns. He likens it to a game where he and Harley tag each other whenever it is either's turn to watch Ariana Sky.

"We're a tag team - I tag her in, she tags me out," Magro tells the publication.

However, being a reality TV star has its downside when it comes to balancing work and family. Magro admits that he now understands why mothers Snooki and JWoww were emotional when they filmed Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. They just want to be with their kids as much as he wants to be with his. Magro admitted that the 13 days away from Harley and Ariana Sky has been hard and he just wants to jump on the next plane and go home.

Magro is thankful though that his girlfriend understands the demands of his work and that he has to be away most of the time. He assured that at the end of the day, it is Harley and Ariana Sky whom he will always love.