Cardi B Tells Ellen DeGeneres How She Got Pregnant

Cardi B's conversation with host Ellen DeGeneres during her guest stint was, er, informative and entertaining as she revealed how she got pregnant.

During her sit-down with the host, Cardi B got candid about her recent appearances, including in Saturday Night Live and in Coachella, but what particularly won the crowd was her explanation on her performance during the California music festival. The clip showed the all-white-clad rapper twerking on stage, and DeGeneres quipped the rapper looked like she was ready to give birth with one of her moves.

The 25-year-old then admitted and justified her actions by revealing she had heard of an advice that says the more you move, the easier you'll give birth. Moreover, Cardi B said she was just trying to explain something to the public through her raunchy moves.

"I was just trying to show the world how I got pregnant in the first place," she said, igniting loud laughter from the crowd.

Baby's Name

DeGeneres then acknowledged that she finally knew how it goes, thanks to Cardi B. On a different note, the host asked if she and boyfriend Offset have decided on the name of the impending bundle of joy.

The "MotorSport" rapper then said that they've indeed gotten a name for the baby, though she won't spill the beans since her beau was the one who came up with the name. Even so, Cardi B revealed she's a fan of the name.

DeGeneres tried guessing the baby's name, starting with Susan, though the "Bodak Yellow" rapper wouldn't budge. She just hinted that it was a "tricky" name, yet it made sense. Knowing the talk show host, the 60-year-old offered the hitmaker of changing the name of the newest addition to "Ellen" and even tried to give a $20,000 bribe for that.

After a brief contemplation, Cardi B refused the offer. After a while, she tried asking if she could use the name instead as a middle name.

On Pregnancy

The two also talked about the preggo's cravings, which range from ice cream to "lemon-ish" food. Cardi B and Offset recently revealed that they already know their baby's sex, though they have been keeping mum on this.

However, something that wasn't a secret was the bundle of joy's due date, which is in July. Cardi B also became vocal about the situation after the big revelation, saying her pregnancy wasn't at all planned.

Speaking of secrets, the pregnancy issue had long been circling Cardi B since last year, though she had kept mum about this. She was good at it though, as her appearances prior to the announcement didn't let the cat out of the bag, thanks to her outfits by her magnificent and genius stylist, Kollin Carter.

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