Anna Faris addresses Chris Pratt's statement about the end of their marriage, acknowledging the difficulties of their decision and reflecting on the lessons she learned.

The couple, who are parents to 5-year-old son Jack, officially filed for their divorce in December 2017, but it's only recently that the two of them are opening up to the public about it.

Faris, Pratt Talk Divorce

Pratt summed up his divorce with his ex-wife succinctly in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, a report from E! News revealed ahead of the magazine's release.

"Divorce sucks. But at the end of the day, we've got a great kid who's got two parents who love him very much," he explains, adding that the former couple are finding a way to get through the experience and staying friends. "It's not ideal, but yeah, I think both of us are actually probably doing better."

While saying the experience "sucks" may seem harsh, the Overboard star agrees with the sentiment, acknowledging how tough it was to make the decision to split.

"We have a great friendship. We really do and we always have," Faris says in SiriusXM's Hits 1, seconding her ex-husband's statement. "It's always tough to envision your future as one thing, but there's a lot of love and, in what we do, there's so much [unpredictability]."

Her cover issue of Women's Health magazine also has the actress talking about Pratt as she divulges that they still try to communicate openly with each other. Their goal, she explains, is always to protect their son.

New Love In Faris's Life

Faris, 41, is currently dating cinematographer Michael Barrett and by all accounts, the couple is doing great. However, her recent split with Pratt taught the actress a few things, including valuing her privacy a little more.

"I think that it's a lesson learned a little bit in terms of keeping relationships a little more private potentially, even though I pride myself in being a pretty open person," she tells Hits 1. "It's tough when you're under scrutiny."

However, don't expect Faris to tie the knot again anytime soon. The actress isn't even positive about ever doing it again, as she admits in an episode of the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast.

When host Dax Shepard asks her if she plans to ever remarry, she offers a thoughtful answer.

"I need to figure out what the purpose is," Faris explains, according to E! News. "Like is it safety for your children? Is it convention? Is it so other people respect your relationship more? For me, I'm just not quite sure where it fits, especially when it feels so easy, of course, to get married and then there's the untangling in terms of like the state being involved."