'I Have A Lot Of Deep Feeling For Her': Orlando Bloom Gushes About Girlfriend Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom has confirmed he is indeed dating Katy Perry again. He couldn’t help but gush about his on-again girlfriend in a recent interview.

Orlando + Katy

While it took a while for Bloom and Perry to confirm their romance, Bloom didn’t hold back when he dished about his love for the new American Idol judge.

“She’s a remarkable human being, actually,” said Bloom during an interview that was released over the weekend.

Bloom said he was surprised by his romance with Perry considering he is older and not necessarily in her demographic when it comes to her younger target audience. He said he didn’t initially realize the popularity of her music when they were first introduced.

“I wouldn’t have imagined anything happening,” added Bloom. “And, you know, when you get hit sideways you get hit sideways. You don’t pick who you fall in love with. And then you come around and there’s all sorts of things that happen in between right?”

He went on to say he respects his girlfriend and has “a lot of deep feeling” for her. Still, he admitted the harsh reality of dating in Hollywood.

Can They Make It In Hollywood?

Bloom pointed out it’s difficult for him and Perry to see one another consistently thanks to Perry being on tour and Bloom continuing to build his acting career in London’s Killer Joe stageplay. He hinted only time will tell if they will be able to keep their relationship afloat amid their celebrity lifestyles.

As Bloom had no shame in talking about Perry, she played coy last month when it came to rumors they were getting back together. While she didn’t say who at the time, she told Entertainment Tonight she is in a relationship and made it clear she is off the market.

Perry and Bloom’s reunion comes after their public breakup in March 2017. They were dating for nearly a year after confirming their relationship in 2016. While it hasn’t been confirmed how long the two have been back together, word is they could have sparked up their romance a few months ago. They were seen vacationing in Prague together in February.

They were also spotted together in Italy shortly after as they went to the United to Cure conference together before they were introduced to Pope Francis. The conference aims to make strides to find a cure for cancer. Rumors also swirled back in September that they were back together and wanted to tie the knot.

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