Months after Jeffrey Tambor's sexual harassment allegations surfaced, the former Transparent actor finally speaks up on the issue.

The 73-year-old finally set the record straight on the sexual allegations thrown at him, which prompted his removal from the comedy series Transparent. Tambor's interview with The Hollywood Reporter is coincidentally the same time the trailer for Arrested Development was dropped, which he will take part in.

Tambor, who seemed to be nervous during the interview as the outfit noted, claimed this was the first and maybe the last time he would talk about the horrendous accusations shot at him. These stem from two accusers: his former assistant Van Barnes and his costar Trace Lysette, both transgender women.

The public uproar is understood, considering Tambor's role in Transparent as a transgender mom and that the show had become lauded by GLAAD. Ironically, the award-winning star of the show allegedly preyed on Lysette and Barnes, making him delineate from the icon he portrayed to be.

What Went Down

Tambor narrated he got the message he was fired from Transparent on Feb. 15, after Amazon didn't renew him following the sexual harassment allegations. Jill Soloway, the show's creator and showrunner and who have taken her storyline from her own dad, called him while he was at the gym, informing him of what happened.

However, Tambor did expect "a slap on the wrist" for what he said were temperamental eruptions, but he never thought he would totally be fired from Transparent. The man stressed that he had anger issues, but of the sexual harassment allegations, he was firm he was innocent.

"I did raise my voice at times, I was moody at times, there were times when I was tactless. But as for the other stuff, absolutely not," he explained.

Tambor pointed out that "lines got blurred" after trying with all his might of portraying Maura in the series, so much so that he got carried away. He further admitted he became "mean" and "difficult" on the set and narrated he once screamed at Soloway.

Amazon conducted an investigation last year when Barnes took to Facebook to share #MeToo story. The story didn't name Tambor, but only referred to the accused as his former employer.

Lysette also came out with her account, accusing Tambor of pushing his body against her in one instance. She also claimed that her Transparent costar had unsolicited advances early on.

At the time when the internal investigation started, Tambor was assured by Soloway's sister and showrunner Faith. That's why when he was fired in February this year, he was surprised.