R. Kelly Accusers Detail Singer's Alleged Abuse: 'He Told Us To Call Him Daddy'

Two women came forward with their story to tell about their experience of sexual assault and abuse in the hands of R&B star R. Kelly during an appearance on NBC News's Megyn Kelly Today on Tuesday.

Kitti Jones

Two of Kelly's ex-girlfriends relayed their respective experience of sexual assault and abuse in the duration of their relationship with the singer. Kitti Jones said the singer became abusive after she confronted him about his leaked sex video that showed him seemingly urinating on an underage girl. This was when she moved in with him at his Chicago home.

Jones said she recognized the girl since Kelly had introduced her before. She calculated the girl's age to be at 14 and confronted him about it. The confrontation angered Kelly and led to him abusing Jones for the first time (Kelly repeatedly slapped her in the face and kicked her). She said that he "just turned into a monster." At the time, she blamed herself because she should not have said anything.

Jones said she lost 23 pounds while with the "Ignition" singer because food was closely monitored and sometimes withheld as a punishment for misbehavior. She also had certain rules to follow including wearing sweatpants and standing up when Kelly walks into the room. Jones said that Kelly controlled who she talks to and how often she can talk to her family and what to text them.

Asante McGee

Aside from Jones, another former girlfriend also revealed that Kelly closely monitored requests to use the bathroom. Asante McGee spent two years with the singer at his Atlanta home. She recalled that bathroom passes needed to have Kelly's permission.

"You would have to send a text message to one of his runners, just asking if you can go to the restroom and then they will relay the information to him because you weren't free to walk around the house," McGee said.

Kelly allegedly also had a particular rule to have his girlfriends call him "Daddy." She revealed that they had to address him as "Daddy" or else they would get in trouble.

"I had to use the restroom and texted him, 'Daddy, I need to use the restroom.' We were required to call him 'Daddy.' He told us to call him 'Daddy,'" McGee added.

Jones and McGee's revelations came after Kelly's management denied the mounting sexual assault allegations against the singer. His management called the accusers as liars and instigators who only want money and fame.

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