Deadpool has millions of fans worldwide, but star Ryan Reynolds can't count his family among them. His young daughter does not like her father's character.

What Happened To My Dad?

Deadpool 2, the sequel to the barnstorming 2016 debut of the superhero, is due in theaters later this week. Reynolds has been doing rounds to promote the project.

While chatting on a special EW Radio Spotlight, the 41-year-old actor revealed that Inez, his 19-month-old daughter with wife and fellow actor Blake Lively, cried whenever he transformed into heavily scarred Deadpool alter ego Wade Wilson.

"When I'm in the scar makeup, that's hard for my kids because they were on set a lot. I leave the house in the morning and I'd be 'Dad' and then by lunch it looked like I fell asleep on a stove," explained Reynolds, in reference to the emotional reactions from Inez and her older sister, James, who is 3.

The character's facial disfigurement, portrayed in the first movie, happens as a result of him being a former test subject of the Weapon X program. He receives regenerative healing factors through scientific experiments but loses his good looks as a result.

Reynolds described how seeing him in the makeup would make Inez, in particular, react pretty strongly. Unfortunately, he the actor couldn't just rip off hours of prosthetic makeup work to calm her down and assuage her fears.

"I elected to just continue to scar her," he joked.

Although going through four hours of sitting in a chair getting made up every day is difficult, the actor claimed that putting on the Deadpool mask and suit gives him a sense of freedom hitherto unknown in his lengthy career.

His kids might be welcome on the set, but Reynolds was quick to tell Good Morning America, in a separate interview on Tuesday, that he'd never put them into show business.

"Mostly because I'm against child abuse. Show business, for a little kid, that's a crazy pursuit. ... I don't know why you would put your kid in show business," he said.

Promoting All Over The World

The cheeky actor has been all over the airwaves to promote the upcoming flick popping up on Korean show King of Masked Singer.

The popular competition show sees a singer wearing a costume and mask to perform before revealing his or her identity. Reynolds, clad in a cape and unicorn mask, took on "Tomorrow" from Annie.

He also invaded Tuesday's Late Show, interrupting host Stephen Colbert's opening monologue in character as Deadpool. After Colbert asked when audiences were going to be sick of superhero movies, Reynolds strolled out in full costume to suggest Deadpool 2 would be the final straw.

The flick is set to be a box office hit. Fandango reported advance ticket sales were the best ever in the first 24 hours, beating even Fifty Shades of Grey.

Deadpool 2 is the widest R-rated release ever for the industry, opening in 4,332 theaters on Friday. The sequel is directed by Atomic Blonde and John Wick helmer David Leitch and stars Reynolds, Brianna Hildebrand, and Josh Brolin as villain Cable.