Heather Locklear Hospitalized, To Receive Psych Evaluation After Threatening To Hurt Herself

Heather Locklear has been hospitalized and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. The legendary actress has reportedly been threatening to hurt herself.

A Worrying Incident

According to TMZ, Locklear was taken to hospital after her mother reported that she was trying to kill herself. An insider claims that the 56-year-old was acting erratically throughout the day, causing her parents to stop by her home.

When Locklear became physically aggressive towards them, choking her mother and hitting her father, the police were asked to step in.

Locklear's mom called 911 on Sunday afternoon, over concerns for her daughter's mental state and physical well-being. Multiple units were sent to the house. Both the fire department and county sheriff's department attended the call, arriving around 4 p.m.

Dispatch audio suggests Locklear was behaving oddly and threatening to hurt herself. The caller, reportedly her mother, claimed the actress was trying to locate a gun to shoot herself.

"She does not have access to any weapons," noted the audio recording.

The 56-year-old was transported to a nearby hospital following the house call. The incident was deemed to be medical, not criminal, according to reports. A spokesperson later confirmed there were no weapons found at the scene.

A Difficult Time

Locklear was arrested earlier this year for felony domestic battery against her boyfriend, Chris Heisser. On that occasion, she allegedly threatened to shoot officers if they ever came back on the premises. This is why multiple units were sent to her home on Sunday, June 17.

"You f--king deserve your kids to die! You f--king deserve it! And when you find yourself in that position, think of me!" she allegedly screamed at the arresting officers at the time.

The charges, which related to the Melrose Place star allegedly hitting her partner, were subsequently dropped. However, Locklear still faced four counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer and one charge of resisting or obstructing an officer. She pleaded not guilty on all counts.

Although the actress still has a firearm registered to her, she was banned from owning a gun in the wake of the incident. The 56-year-old entered rehab in March as a result.

"Heather is in treatment for addiction. Everyone hopes she gets well, that she gets better. ... No one can do the work for her. Hopefully she is getting the help she needs," a friend noted at the time.

The actress has struggled with mental health and addiction issues for the past 10 years. There was a 911 call back in 2008 from someone purporting to be her doctor, who claimed Locklear was suicidal. Just a few months later, she checked into a treatment facility for anxiety and depression.

There were two further rehab stints — the first following a hit-and-run charge, when Locklear crashed into a sign on the street and fled the scene, which led her to get treatment for prescription medication, and the second back in 2017, for still unknown reasons.

She returned home about a year later. Locklear has also, reportedly, struggled with alcohol problems over the years, with her sister alleging back in 2012 that she had been mixing prescriptions meds with alcohol.

However, just last year, the actress told E! News she was taking steps to better her life and was feeling great as a result of getting proper treatment.

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