Niall Horan Finally Admits Real Score with Selena Gomez

The ship was sailing after fans teased Selena Gomez about Niall Horan, but it suddenly stopped after Niall revealed what he really felt for the "Same Old Love" hitmaker.

Horan's fans were sending mixed signals if they wanted him to date or simply collaborate with Selena after they saw a photo of the two celebrating the release of Niall's newest song "Nice to Meet Ya".

Niall, however, opted to break his silence and revealed to Sirius XM the real score between him and Gomez. According to Horan, he and Selena are just good "friends" with the same circle of friends. He admitted that they spent time with each other, but they were always with the group.

"We're friends. We have the same group of friends. We hang out all the time. The one photo that was ever taken got posted. We're good friends. No collaborations as of yet. I know she's been doing some music too. We were just out for dinner," Niall said.

Selena Gomez, or Sel to his heart, is Horan's first celebrity crush, but he finally clarified that they are friends, and no more. In fact, Gomez already clarified it when she once publicly friendzoned Horan in 2015 after their rumored relationship surfaced on the internet.

The rumors first started when Selena chose him over Justin Bieber, but she later clarified it in an interview with Entertainment Tonight and said she loves him so much as a friend.

Fans might be disappointed to know the truth, but the two are open for collaborations. However, they are both busy promoting their own music for now.

So to answer the fans question: essentially, Niall and Selena's romance will not go beyond the childhood crush's status.

Horan's New Album

The "On the Loose" singer is preparing for a follow up, sophomore solo album of his album "Flicker,"  which was his debut album with four billion streams in 2017.

"I just have to like get down to what songs are actually on this album. I like too many of them. I'm about two songs off of full completion," Horan hinted.

After One Direction has gone on an indefinite hiatus since 2016, it helped all the members to drive what they can do as a solo artist. For Horan, the members had different tastes in music and tried to find their own individual sounds. It was a success since the 10-year-old Horan knew what he wanted for his future albums -- and he successfully made it come true.

Horan's new single "Nice to Meet Ya" is about going on a night out with friends and bumping into someone.

"You know when you lock eyes with someone and that's all you can think about for the rest of the evening? So you chat, then you lose one another... but you keep bumping into them over the course of the night. It's something people can relate to and sing along to," Horan shared.

The song already reached 13 million views and more than half a million likes on YouTube. He revealed that he became more confident with his success and will be targeting all the angles of heartbreaks on his next songs and albums that will surely catch his fans by surprise. 

Maybe he can sing about his dream romance with Selena?

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