No Break: Shay Mitchell Mom-Shamed So Early For This

After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Shay Mitchell is now back in the game-- and it looks like she never got off it.

However, in the past days, the actress has been receiving hate from her bashers, thinking how irresponsible a mother she is after being seen attending Drake's star-studded birthday party.

Knowing Shay, however, she is unbothered by the backlash at all.

In our modern society, it should be high time for us to focus and mind our own business and allow others to live the life they want to live. Nonetheless, this does not apply to everyone.

In Shay Mitchell's case, she is being judged for going out and getting wild just days after giving birth.

Shay's Ready to Party

On October 24, rapper Drake became a hot topic because of his star-studded birthday celebration. The now 33-year old rapper threw a huge party and invited all of his celebrity friends, including Adele, Rihanna, and of course, Shay Mitchell.

The Internet, as usual, was quick to judge after seeing Shay out there having one of the best time of her life -- all despite having a baby left at home. Shay gave birth to a healthy and lovely baby girl and posted a photo of her on Instagram last October 20, which led people to criticize her about being out and partying just a mere four days after she gave birth.

Most of the comments online were mean.

People were exaggerating and being hysteric and commented on how a horrible mother she is, choosing to attend Drake's birthday party instead of staying at home and looking after her daughter. Shay was judged for "lacking serious skills" as a parent.

However, Shay being Shay just let what people had to say about her in the comments.

Instead of replying to their mean comments, the actress trolled her haters by posting a video on Instagram that was later on deleted. In the said video, she said that she "has not really been looking into the comments lately" but she is aware that people have been upset with her partying despite having a newborn kid

She then said that her daughter was "with her dog" when she was out at Drake's. Of course, the dog part was a joke, as the model-actress tweeted on Twitter.

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