Nobody does Halloween better than Heidi Klum.

Once again, Heidi Klum claimed the title for best Halloween Costume, as she transformed into something brilliantly epic. In fact, she is so proud of what she would be dressing up that she even invited everyone to come and see her prepare for it.

At the Amazon Prime bookstore in New York City, Heidi Klum presented her step by step preparation for the Halloween party this year. She is the undisputed Halloween queen, and she proved once again why.

Heidi Doesn't Hide

Every year, Heidi Klum throws a big Halloween party where celebrities and socialites come in their best costume ever. Each year, she surprises everyone with what she would dress up as. At an earlier interview, Klum said that her costume this year was going to take longer than usual to put on.

In its 20th year, Heidi decided to share her preparation for the big party. For those who couldn't be there to watch her live, she also documented the extensive preparation that she did to put her costume together.

Everything can be seen on her Instagram. Here is one:

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Although she did not reveal her costume plans to anyone, she gave a hint a few days back. She said that the costume she's wearing this year will take her 10 hours to put together. That's going to be quite hard to keep up.

A lot of people stood there in front of the Amazon Prime bookstore to watch Heidi Klum transform into her epic self for Halloween this year.

The 'Gruesome' Process

To start off her costume, she posted a video of how her glam team prepared the place for the big reveal. She captioned the clip saying "Come say hi!"

Based on her Instagram story, the first step to getting everything together was to put on the wig. It has to be flawless. She then hinted about wearing body prosthetics. A little before 1:00 p.m., Klum shared that they are in the middle of gluing things together.

Finally, she shared a sneak peek of her costume on Instagram.

In less than an hour, Klum shared her full look. She was wrapped in a silicone bodysuit. Though fans are not quite sure what the Project Runway host was dressed as they betted on what it can be. Some guessed she's dressed up as Frankenstein, while others say that she's coming out as a zombie this year.

Between all the prosthetics, heavy makeup, and wigs, her over-the-top costume was aimed at leaving everyone in awe.

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