After suffering a severe allergic reaction, Nina Dobrev was hospitalized. Fortunately, she is on her way to recovery.

After the emergency happened, actress and Nina's close friend Julianne Hough was spotted at the hospital where Nina was confined and accompanied her friend all throughout the emergency situation. Hough also posted updates about Nina's health condition on her Instagram Stories.

Nina wrote on Instagram how often she gets allergies, and being in an emergency room because of it is nothing new to her. However, she sometimes still gets shocked by the results depending on the severity of her allergy attacks. 

Julianne and Nina are known to be very good friends -- best friends, in fact -- and Nina has never been grateful to have her BFF around at times like this. She also mentioned that the doctors who tended her at Cedars were amazing. Now, Nina is recovering and taking all the rest she needs. 

Therefore, we can all say that Nina and Julianne's friendship is definitely BFF-goals!

Nina was rushed to the emergency room over the weekend, and throughout her hospital stay, Julianne was there by her side. Julianne posted on Instagram on Sunday night a series of videos from the emergency room where Nina was taken to. She even asked her followers to guess who she was there with.

On her first Instagram story video, she said, "Well, this is my night at the emergency room, on a Sunday night... guess who!"

Julianne also shared how thankful she was that she decided to pay Nina a visit at her house. If Julianne was not there, Nina's condition could have been worse.

Hough then shared a photo of her in a hospital room, showing her feet being covered by a blanket. She gave her followers a hint of who she was with that night by captioning that the mystery person is "good at sharing."

After a few other posts, a lot of her followers then knew it was Nina that she accompanied to the ER. She captioned a selfie of her and Nina, which showed the former "Vampire Diaries" actress wearing an oxygen mask on her face. She even edited Nina's face by putting sunglasses emoji and a few yellow heart emojis.

Just a month ago, Nina shared in "Chicks in the Office" podcast about her friendship with Julianne. She said they met at the time Julianne's single "Transform" came out, and during her launch party, she performed it for the first time.

The same night, Nina was going through something and texted her about it. Julianne left her own launch party to go to her. Nina added Julianne is not only a best friend but also a true friend.

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