Kelly Clarkson Reveals 'Embarrassing' Jonas Brothers Story That She Will Never Forget

Who really can remember what was happening in 2005? It was more than 10 years ago. Some of us cannot even remember what happened last night!

However, can you imagine being part of the Jonas Brothers, headlining for one of that time's most prominent singers?

Fast forward to 14 years later, the artist you headlined for does not even remember you.

On Wednesday's episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Kelly Clarkson told Nick Jonas that she totally forgot that the Jonas Brothers opened for her during her 2005 tour.

While 2005 was not the height of their band's fame, it was enough that at one point, they were able to breathe the same air as Clarkson.

"I was reading the pre-interview for this. I had no idea that you all opened for me in 2005. I feel like I just got really cool," Clarkson told Nick, who is in the band with his brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas.

While the youngest Jonas tried to downplay their tour with the American Idol winner, Clarkson said it was "still the same" thing as performing in the arena.

"No one cared about us in 2005. We were just coming up. To get other gigs, we listed the other acts that we would "open up for." But that really just meant that we were on the outside stage in the parking lot while you were playing to 40,000 people," Nick jokingly shared.

Nick then added that their tour with Clarkson helped them get a lot of gigs and they probably "owe" the host 20 percent of their royalties.

Nick in 'The Voice'

In the interview, the duo also discussed about Nick's "The Voice" role, where he is set to become a coach for season 18.

"I'm going to kick your tail!" the show host jokingly told Jonas.

"That's not true. Incorrect. I'm not gonna clap for that," the younger singer then exclaimed before revealing that the filming has already gotten underway with the blind auditions.

Viewers can look forward to more rivalry between the judges on the show, though. The two, apparently, have similar taste in singers, which Clarkson suspected might happen.

Jonas will make his debut on "The Voice", replacing Gwen Stefani, on NBC this coming February 24, 2020. He will join judges John Legend, Blake Shelton and Clarkson on the popular long-running show.

Luckily, the Jonas Brothers' current world tour "Happiness Begins" is ending on February 22, 2020.

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