Joker' 2: Director Todd Philips Says It's Possible!

Todd Philipps and Joaquin Phoenix are open to making a sequel of "Joker" as long as it has the same themes that made the movie so successful.

The film "Joker" has been dubbed as the most profitable comic book movie of all time so it's no surprise that people are eagerly waiting for a sequel. Though the film was always meant to be a standalone movie with no sequel to ever be produced. Todd Philips recently said that he is not ruling out the possibility of a sequel.

As long as it has to have some thematic resonance to the first film. Philips said that if they could capture the real and dark themes of the original and not be a wild and crazy adventure style movie, it would be interesting.

Even Joaquin Phoenix, the star of the film is actually willing to start another one. This actor whose fans have prompted a lot of questions on whether or not he would get an Academy award for his breathtaking performance.

From the first second to third week of production, Phoenix already voiced out how Todd should really work on a sequel.

"There was way too much to explore." Phoenix said.

Phoenix said that the debate over "Joker" is merely a statement to how skillful the movie was for stirring emotions.

This was even a strange moment for Phoenix as this actor previously turned down an opportunity to play as "Doctor Strange" mostly because it meant signing a multi-movie deal.

"I honestly just can't stop thinking about it," Phoenix said.

"Joker" is now named as the most profitable comic book movie of all time beating out even "Avengers: Endgame" in terms of profits.

Even from the first reviews of the film after its premier, it was absolutely filled with praises. It is however not very unanimous among Oscar voters as some voters choose to avoid the topic of "Joker" being in line for an academy award.

Despite not following anything from the DC comics, "Joker managed to be insanely successful in box office profits as well as critic ratings.

We just wrote our own version of where a guy like Joker might come from." Philips said.

He was completely aware that while they were waiting for a premier, a lot of fans might be mad about their decision. It was a decision however that ultimately reveal itself to be the right call.

While it is still a little bit unclear if people want a "Joker" sequel solely because of its box-office success. People are still a little bit doubtful whether or not it would be nominated for an Academy Award.

However both the star Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Philips are taking the time to think it over.

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