6 Sponges That Will Upgrade Your Makeup Kit

The selection of makeup sponges is no longer limited to just one pink egg-sized sponge. You have choices from $4 to $50, depending on your budget. 

Here are six makeup sponges that will upgrade your makeup kit. Shop them right now! 

Real Techniques Makeup Sponge

This orange sponge, popularly known as the "miracle complexion sponge," has been designed with utmost perfection, and it can be seen in the result it gives for its extremely affordable price. 

It has three different sides. You can use the flat side for areas such as the neck and forehead. The curved sides are high for applying the base on the cheeks. The pointed side is perfect for using base in difficult-to-reach areas, such as under the eyes or the corners of the nose. 

The Real Techniques sponge works best for applying base makeup, as well as a cream blush and cream highlighter. It does a great job of blending all the powder, giving your look a flawless finish. 

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
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Koh Gen Do Foundation Sponge    

The Koh Gen Do Foundation Sponge is a unique triangular sponge made from dense latex-free elastic. The palm-shaped design makes the press easy and helps quickly melts the makeup into the skin. 

The sponge distributes foundation flawlessly, creating a soft and smooth finish. Its shape ideally allows you to get close around your nose and under the eyes. 

Aside from using it with liquid products, the sponge can also be used with powder, such as baking. It does not absorb too much product, but just the right amount of powder.

Koh Gen Do Foundation Sponge
(Photo : Amazon)


The Beautyblender is the original beauty sponge out there and has remained to be the top choice for many people due to its one-of-a-kind texture that makes the makeup application flawless. 

Once it is wet, the porous sponge expands, preventing it from soaking up masses of your makeup while still sheering it out a bit because of its dampness. 

It is best to use when applying foundation and concealer. The tapered tip is best for smaller spots while the domed bottom for bigger areas. 

(Photo : Amazon)

JUNO Microfiber Fusion Sponge    

The JUNO Microfiber Fusion Sponge is a hybrid of brush and sponge. It is a sphere with a squared-off tip that is larger than the standard Beautyblender. 

This sponge is coated with velvet and made of microfiber, claiming to waste 50 percent less product than its competitors. It creates a barrier that helps the product sit on top of the sponge. 

The soft, non-abrasive material gives the result of microscopic fibers its unique velvet texture. 

It can be used with wet or dry makeup due to its fused capabilities of a sponge and a makeup brush. 

JUNO Microfiber Fusion Sponge
(Photo : Amazon)

Fenty Beauty by Rihannah Precision Makeup Sponge

A sponge designed without latex, this Rihanna sponge is perfect for applying and blending all types of formulas. Despite it being called a "precision" sponge, it has three distinct sides: the curved surface, flat surface, and quarter moon edge. 

It is being compared to a regular Beautyblender but for just a few dollars cheaper, and it feels ever so slightly denser than the original but performs about the same. 

Flawless application with no streaks. It will give a smooth, buffed appearance. 

Fenty Beauty Precision Sponge
(Photo : Amazon)

Beakey Makeup Sponge

The Beakey Makeup Sponge is non-latex material, and for its price of under $10 for five pieces, you get a bang for your buck. 

You can use each colorful makeup sponge depending on your mood, with its dual-use wet or dry. It is a great, versatile applicator choice for amateurs and professionals. 

Once you dampen the sponge, it will also expand to twice the size of the Beautyblender. The sponge can deliver maximum and seamless coverage, similar to its original counterpart. 

The Beaky Makeup Sponge will not also soak up a lot of product but is guaranteed to make your makeup look flawless for a fraction of the price. 

These makeup sponges are the REAL Beautyblender dupes. They are just as soft as the real ones. 

Beakey Makeup Sponge
(Photo : Amazon)

Sigma 3DHDTM Blender 

According to Sigma, this sponge has a unique, multi-sided, and multi-angled design that is ideal for blending, sculpting, and highlighting. Due to its edges, it will allow you to carve angles easily. 

This pink sponge is perfect for applying contouring and baking with powders. The flat edge allows you to apply makeup in a straight line along the cheekbones. If you want to get that Instagram-worthy contour, this is the makeup sponge for you.

Sigma 3DHD™ Blender
(Photo : Amazon)

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