Lili Reinhart took to social media to rant about unrealistic expectations of a one-size-fits-all body.

On Instagram Stories, Reinhart revealed how she stumbled upon an app with features she found alarming. She recalled how she was searching for an app that could resize photos she had on her phone.

However, what Reinhart found was an app that could reshape your body in photos. She was dumbfounded to see that the app can magically create fake abs and make a person look taller and leaner.

The 23-year-old actress was previously noted by CoverGirl as a woman who is "unapologetically herself." She is an advocate of confidence, self-love and body positivity.

So, when Reinhart was suggested she use the app, she was quick to put her foot down. There was no way she was going to fool her followers into thinking she got abs or toned arms without working out.

Saying NO to Negative Body Image

The "Riverdale" actress revealed that the suggestion to edit her body shape in photos can have hazardous results. She said editing your body to fit unrealistic standards can lead to people developing unhealthy eating habits and disorders.

Lili did not want her followers to have unrealistic expectations of their bodies. She later encouraged her followers not to conform their bodies to a one size fits all shape.

Struggling with Body Image

The "Hustlers" actress also admitted that what she sees in pictures affect the way she perceives her body. Reinhart said that when she looked at her body in the mirror, she caught herself thinking, "My [body] does not look the way that the world tells me it should."

Reinhart said that she has cellulite and curves, but that she does not have a cinched waist or stick-thin arms.

Lili ended her post with an assurance.

"I promise the world would be a lot better once you let go of the pressure to conform to unreal standards."

Fans Applaud Actress

Many girls took the opportunity to thank Reinhart for being a positive influence to them. One comment read, "It is hard not to let [negative body image] get to you at times but [Reinhart's] words reminds us not everything seen on social media is real."

Another read, "One of the best things I've read today, many girls like me needed to hear this!"

Lili Reinhart previously talked about the importance of self-acceptance in today's world.

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