Busy Philipps Shares Secret to Break Nasty Habit Within 20 Minutes

Busy Phillipps has long admitted to suffering from anxiety attacks. Her anxiety has led to a nasty habit that she wanted to break.

Fortunately, Busy found a way to handle her anxiety in a time crunch.

Teen Anxiety

The "White Chicks" actress admitted to having "a lot of anxiety" going into the showbiz industry at a young age. She said she worried when opportunities closed in on here and did not believe things would work out.

There was also pressure seeing those of her age catapult to Hollywood fame. Later, Philipps came to the conclusion that it was "OK not be like Rachel McAdams" and pave your own career path.

Mom Anxiety

By the time she became a mom, her anxiety however came back and escalated. When her youngest Birdie was born, Philipps cried out that she was "barely holding it together."

At this point, her "Cougar Town" co-actress Courteney Cox advised her to talk to a doctor about medication. Philipps found out she was suffering from postpartum anxiety, demanding no one else touch or care for her daughter but her.

The mom-of-two revealed that it was a hard time for her, so when Cox gave her the wake-up call, she did not hesitate. Philipps got through the challenging times by going on antidepressants for a little over a year.

Nasty Habit Creeps In

Philipps continues to suffer from social anxiety though she is a self-described extrovert. She previously said intense workouts have helped her alleviate her anxiety attacks.

But now, Busy caught herself falling into a bad habit due to her anxiety.

The actress took to social media to reveal that she has been picking at her skin. It was made in response to a critic who said the actress has terrible skin.

Skin picking is in the same vein as hair-pulling and nail-biting. It can happen due to stress, anxiety, or out of habit. The person doing this may feel the need to remove imperfections.

Skin picking can also be a coping mechanism from being nervous, angry, stressed, sad, or feeling tense.

No More Meds

After being on antidepressants due to postpartum anxiety, Busy is focusing more on her physical and mental health. Nicknamed Busy because she was so full of energy as a baby, she utilizes her energy by getting active at the tennis court or getting LEKFit workouts.

Philipps is now attempting to balance the hype of her schedule with a new habit. Meditation is something she recently tried and found works!

After five days of getting into her new habit to get rid of a nasty one, Busy admitted she picked her skin subconsciously again. But this time, she is no longer crying over it.

Busy now commits to 20 minutes of meditation every day. If she can squeeze in twice a day of meditation, she does.

Indeed, meditation can help ease stress and anxiety. Hence, it can also prevent nasty habits like skin-picking from resurfacing.

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