Justin Timberlake Cheating On Jessica Biel With Alisha Wainwright: Actor Refuses To Deny Rumors?

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake was spotted getting cozy while holding the hand of Alisha Wainwright at a bar in New Orleans.

Photos of the incident were published by The Sun. The two were seen sitting beside each other on the balcony of a bar in Bourbon Street. In the photos, Timberlake can be seen holding Alisha's hand under the table.

The two are currently working together in an American football drama film "Palmer." They were out with a group drinking at the Absinthe House on Bourbon Street in New Orleans on Thursday night. 

Are They Getting Cozy? 

While on a break from filming their movie, the two were spotted getting a drink at a bar. Alisha Wainwright was holding Justin Timberlake's knee before he took her hand and held it. 

A witness told The Sun that at one point, they saw Justin grab Alisha's hand and rested it on his knee. Then the 30-year-old actress began stroking his knee gently. After that, Timberlake was seen holding Wainwright's hand with both of his and started playing with it.  

Sources of The Sun said that the singer-actor had too many drinks that he was already unstable on his feet.

Another witness said he saw the Justin and Alisha smiling and laughing, looking like they were having such a good time. They were reportedly out for about 40 minutes before they decided to go back inside the bar. The group left the bar through a rear exit a little past midnight. 

Are Justin and Jessica Still Together?

The "Sexy Back" singer has been married to Jessica Biel for seven years now, but he was seen without his wedding ring at that time (though many may assume that this was because of the role he was playing in the film).

Justin and Jessica, who got married in 2012, are widely considered as one of the most successful marriages in Hollywood. Their relationship has been rock solid. Fans even drool over the heartfelt videos they both post of their individual Instagram accounts. 

In an interview this past October, Justin revealed that he has found his "person" in his wife Jessica. He went on to share how his wife became his source of strength during a difficult time in his career. When he was ordered full vocal rest and had to cancel a number of performances in 2018, Jessica was there for him. 

Despite the "he's too drunk" excuse, onlookers were still shocked to see Justin holding another woman's hand at the risk of upsetting his wife. They have been married for seven years and share son Silas, who is four. 

It looks like Justin knows he has been caught and is now playing the innocent card. Justin has since talked to PEOPLE and told them that it was all a "misunderstanding". In a statement, he said that what happened, happened, but there is nothing to it. 

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