Prince Andrew denied knowing about his friend's sex trafficking activities. But in hindsight, the public feared that the British Prince may have been more instrumental to Jeffrey Epstein than he could say.

How Could He Not Know?

During the BBC News Night interview, broadcaster Emily Maitlis questioned Prince Andrew's intentions with his unlikely friendship.

In 2006, the Duke of York's eldest daughter Princess Beatrice had a masked ball to celebrate her 18th birthday. Epstein was there. He previously pleaded guilty to two counts of prostitution charges and was registered as a sex offender.

Epstein and the Duke of York have been, for a very long time, acquaintances to say the least. Andrew denied on national TV that he and Epstein were "very close friends" despite having been to his private island -- which has been identified as a pedophile island lair.

Prince Andrew was also a frequent guest in Epstein's home. In the interview, the Duke said he found it convenient and honorable to stay at Epstein's mansion in Manhattan. This is despite the fact that trafficked girls of minor age were being brought to the mansion on a constant basis.

Epstein was a man of connections. He had high-profile friends that the Duke of York felt honored to meet. Epstein had close associations with Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, yet both revealed they have not been to the pedophile's private island.

Portraits of the Duke Found in Epstein's Mansion

Chauntae Davies is one of the accusers of Jeffrey Epstein. She revealed that Epstein would consistently brag about his friendship with the Duke of York and the Duke's ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Davies revealed that Epstein's home had framed portraits of the British royals up on display. He would brag about his influence, his power, and that he had the strongest connections, including at the royal palace. Epstein lured his victims using the Duke.

The Duke of York himself is not without an accuser. Virginia Robert Giuffre alleged in court that she was ordered by Epstein's associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, to give sexual favors to Prince. This included sending erotic messages and having sex with the British Royal even when she was a minor.

How Oblivious Can a Royal Get?

Davies fused when she saw Prince Andrew's interview with BBC. She questioned how the Duke could be "so oblivious to Epstein's perversions" after having been to and staying at Epstein's home and pedophile lair.

"You see [Epstein] with a young girl at all times and not a single conversation about it?" asked Davies, questioning the Duke of York's morale.

Yet, Prince Andrew's family may be just as oblivious as he is. The Duke has long been associated with Epstein who has been in and out of prison for his sex crimes. As early as 2006, Epstein already admitted to a plea deal and registered as a sex offender.

Prince Andrew maintained close association with Epstein until 2010 after the latter served his time in prison for procuring a minor for prostitution. The Duke revealed that 2010 was the last he had contact with Epstein and only to end their association.

The Royal family did not forbid Prince Andrew then that his association with the convicted sex trafficker would taint their image. His family did not consider that Epstein could use his association with the Duke in his illegal business, and that he did.

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