Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Can Lose Everything Once Prince Charles Becomes King

Prince Charles plans to drastically trim down the members of the royal family in the future, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be the ones to agonize the most.

In 2012, the heir to the throne divulged his "future vision" to re-establish the monarchy by shutting out wider members.

Once Prince Charles becomes king, he plans to highlight only the works by those closer to the throne -- which include the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall.

It also means that Prince William will be the heir to the throne by then, followed by his children Prince George (eldest child of the Duke of Cambridge), Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

If the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided not to have another child who could be an addition to those next in line to the throne, then Prince Harry would remain the fifth in the line.

It may still sound good news, though, since Prince Harry could make it to the top five "reserves" while his son Archie would be the sixth.

However, Prince Charles' proposition for the monarchy as soon as he sits on the throne will make it hard for the Sussexes to even stand at the Buckingham Palace's Balcony. As previously mentioned, the future King wants to shift people's attention to the Central members -- Cambridges and his wife, Camila -- which will not include the Sussexes.

Moreover, once Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis turn 21, they will be appointed as the Counsellors Of The State and will start to be delegated with senior state functions. The three children, who are next in line to the throne following their father Prince William, will push the Sussexes more on the ends of their royal life.

In the future, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as their son Archie, will go few steps down in Prince Charles' new model of the monarchy and succession.

Their lives as the Sussexess will be more silent, as they will be given fewer responsibilities because of their decreased role in the Royal Family.

Why Prince Charles Wants To Trim Down The Royal Family

Saying goodbye to the "non-priority" members of the Royal Family is good news for the people of the United Kingdom.

When Queen Elizabeth II decided to fire Prince Andrew and forbid him to continue doing his royal duties, most of the royal watchers saw her as a savior once again since the decision meant one less member and less expense for them.

According to Buckingham Palace's documents, the Royal Household accepted an additional £19.6 million of taxpayers' money. This cost is predicted to only go up in the future, according to the latest figures from Statista.

The royal palace can resolve this issue and continue reigning the monarchy if they can reduce their everyday expenditure, and that is only possible if there will be a lesser number of actively working royals.

Thus, Prince Charles' vision to slash down the number of working royals will save the long-existing monarchy while preserving more budget for the Central members for their charities and projects.

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