Swifties, Tay has new music! Fresh from her record-breaking win at the American Music Awards, Taylor Swift releases her new holiday music.

The new music video was directed and written by Taylor herself. She co-produced it with Jimmy Napes. The hitmaker wrote the song on Dec. 1 and launched it on Midnight, Dec. 6.

Walk Down Memory Lane

The 29-year-old singer takes us back to the Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm "where every wish comes true!" She shared video footage as early as November 1989 when she was yet to be born -- proof she really grew up there.

Pine trees, lights in the barn, and lots and lots of snow became home to Taylor. At one point, she even made a small cave in the snow and snuggled in.

The music video was beautifully-orchestrated considering how short a time Swift needed to get it ready. The song is very upbeat, personal and raw.

Tay-Tay started out in black and white and Tay's voice is reminiscent of her opera singer grandmum. She had long tresses undone as she looks outside at the falling snow, closes her eyes and is "somewhere else just like magic."

Baby Taylor Swift

"Baby, baby Merry Christmas" goes the latest jingle. The entire music video feels like you are sitting down to a VHS player showing all the cutest videos of Baby Tay.

Two-year-old Taylor goes snow-sledding. Do not miss that signature chuckle on the 1-minute mark that she does to this day!

At the 2-minute mark, you will see Taylor blowing a kiss to her train set going around a decorated Christmas tree

A certified pet lover since her childhood days, Swift makes her cats Meredith and Olivia look away in envy as she plays with the family Collie.

There are cameos of her parents Scott and Andrea as well as her brother Austin. Every member of the family has their own stockings up on the fireplace.

The siblings grew up close, playing in an outdoor playhouse and waking up to their Christmas presents in the morning.

Swift Gets Her First Guitar

Picture this cute little girl with blonde curls flowing on her shoulders as she gives Santa her Christmas list.

Then on Christmas day, five-year-old Taylor wakes up and wows at a toy she pulled out of her Christmas stocking.

Near the 3-minute mark, Taylor unwraps her first guitar! It was a K65ce Koa 12-String Acoustic Guitar and was the first she learned to play songs on.

A Christmas Love Song

Swift is known to write songs for the ones she love, including her ex-boyfriends. But this time the singer-songwriter seems happily in love.

"Under the mistletoe, watching the fire glow" sings Swift wishing her special someone will be there too.

The "Delicate" singer is currently dating British actor Joe Alwyn. The pair spent Thanksgiving together with Alwyn's family in London.

It is such a great way to end the year for Swift who previously won "Artist of the Year" and "Artist of the Decade" at the AMA's. She took home six honors for a total of 29 awards at 29 years old. She beat Michael Jackson's record of 24 AMA awards.

Swift was also chosen as the first-ever "Billboard Woman of the Decade Award." She is expected to attend the "2019 Women in Music" Event on Dec. 12 to receive the honor.

"Christmas Tree Farm" airs on "Good Morning America" Friday. But it is available to stream now, have fun watching:

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