Patriots QB Tom Brady Wants to Swap Jerseys With This Ex-NFL Star -- Here's Why

Tom Brady

The New England Patriots won Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals, but Cinci runningback Joe Mixon was the one who celebrated the loudest.

Jersey swaps have become one of the traditions in sports as it serves as a sign of respect, and National Football League fans  saw another one this weekend.

Joe Mixon Won This Time!

Instead of a congratulatory message, Joe Mixon posted on Twitter that he wanted Tom's jersey but his scaredy-cat heart prevented him from saying his wish directly to the QB player.

The odds of being struck by a lightning is higher than Mixon getting noticed by Tom. But fortunately, the 42-year-old quarterback acknowledged the tweet and granted ​​his wish.

Tom has also been a collector of jerseys in his celebrated NFL career. But like Mixon, Tom is still missing one particular top that he has been wanting to add to his collections.

Tom Wants One, Too!

The six-time Superbowl Champion appeared on Westwood One where he was asked by Jim Gray whose jersey he is eyeing for.

The famous football player started to reminisce about how he wished before to get a lot of jerseys from other teams and players. Now, he realized that the players he looked up to are now in the Hall of Fame.

Having their jerseys became some sort of a "cool" thing for Tom, who sees the garments as prove of the battles those legends faced before.

After reminiscing about his collection, Brady opened up that he currently has Aaron Rodgers' jersey in his collection. Rodgers, according to Tom, is the player he always looked up to when he was still starting until now.

The quarterback also revealed that he wishes to swap jerseys with Peyton Manning in the future.

Jim then got interested more and made the player pick between the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos -- Peyton's teams in his storied NFL career.

Tom, in return, laughed and said: "Either one. Either one I'd be cool with. He was such an incredible player. And again, when you think about people that you played so long with and together and against, I'm just appreciative of opponents that we're able to line up against."

Ready For The Next Game?

After bagging the Super Bowl crown numerous times, Tom took to his Instagram and posted a video to share some stories with his fans and thank them for the support.

"It was great to win yesterday. Now we gotta win at home. Finish strong. [It's] coming quick. Short week. We'll see you Saturday," Tom said in the background.

The short week is owed to the revamped NFL schedule that is used during the final two weeks of the year. With college football action over until the holiday season, the league is free to put games on Saturdays.

Some fans saw Tom's video as an indication that they will do their best to win against their division rival in the Buffalo Bills this Dec. 21.

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