The Real Meaning Behind Frozen 2's Theme Song 'Into The Unknown' -- REVEALED!

"Frozen 2" continues to be a mysterious movie, especially with its theme song "Into The Unkown."

Elsa's voice actress Idina Menzel appeared in an interview with Billboard's "Pop Shop Podcast," where she compared "Frozen 2" to its predecessor.

Menzel opened up that she likes the latest film's song "Into The Unknown" compared to the first's "Let It Go." Although she loved the 2013 song, Menzel explained that "Into The Unknown" gave her goosebumps when she recorded it.

"But I actually really enjoy - except for the high note that's going to give me problems on a day where I have a cold - I've loved singing [Into the Unknown]," Menzel stated before remembering every line and rhythm of it.

Though she had a hard time when she sang it in public, Menzel still found the song worth singing.

The new "Frozen" film has been much talked about even before its release, especially after Menzel revealed on HuffPost U.S that she was excited when she found out that people were talking about the possibility of her character being gay.

It trended after "Let It Go" became a coming-out anthem, as Disney fans interpreted Elsa's journey as something that a typical Disney queen never did. Elsa never fell in love in the movie, nor gave an inch of interest to any prince charming.

But like "Let it Go," "Into The Unknown" also hid a deeper message behind its lyrics.

The Real Meaning Behind "Frozen 2" Theme Song

The motif introduction (ah-ah) of the "Into The Unknown" came from kulning, an ancient Scandinavian herding song. The haunting, high-pitched notes the moviegoers heard on the "Frozen 2" theme song was sung by a 23-year-old Norwegian singer, Aurora.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Aurora explained her role in completing the theme song and stated: "My character is not human at all. It's more ancient than humankind and bigger than what people can ever become. Except Elsa."

Moving forward, the first part of the song revealed how Elsa heard the herding song and tried to ignore it, but she cannot. As highlighted by Oprah Mag, as the song continued, listeners started to realize that the Queen finally got interested with the voice and became more curious about it.

"Where are you going? / Don't leave me alone / How do I follow you / Into the unknown?" the song goes on, which signaled that she acknowledged her abilities before she started to listen to the voice and started the journey to discover her role in this world.

In the end, the whole song provided the most crucial information about Elsa's real identity and how she got her powers. 

If the first movie's song "Let it Go" was about embracing her powers, then "Into the Unknown" is about accepting her abilities and how it will not give her the normal life she wanted since her duty is literally calling her through the song.

Even Menzel decoded the meaning of the song and told USA Today "Even though she doesn't know what's out there, she knows that it's something that she needs to go toward, that she's not afraid of."

Moreover, "Into The Unknown" played a huge part in determining the plot for the whole movie. As Elsa tried to look for someone who can understand her and her powers, she sang the song before she reaches the unknown place which, in reality, is a place she is more familiar with. 

Recognizing "Into The Unknown"

"Frozen 2" directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck proudly announced that both the film and its soundtrack "Into The Unknown" have received Golden Globe nods.

For the song, "Into The Unknown" successfully hit the top spot on Billboard.

Buck recognized the efforts of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who also wrote the first film's song "Let It Go." The director acknowledged that "Into The Unknown" played one of the biggest parts in the movie.

"Into the Unknown' is such a great, great powerful song in a slew of powerful songs. We said it's like the second act of a musical and the songs [like the characters] have grown and matured," Buck said.

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